2005-06 girls basketball preview

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Briarwood Lions

Head Coach: Jim Brown

Last Season: 17-11 overall, 3-3 area

Probable Starters: PG: Haley Craddock, SR (5-4); SG: Andrea Matthews, SR (5-6); SF: Whitney Dailey, JR (5-8); PF: Dandi Ammons, SR (5-7); C: Sarah Byers, SR (5-10)

Players to watch: In additon to the starting five, Lauren Parks and Liz McFarling will play key roles for the Lions.

Season Outlook: The team returns five seniors this year and eight players total from last season’s squad. Coach Brown said new student Ruth Ketcham is a big addition to the team and that the Lions should match up well against teams in area play.

Calera Eagles

Head Coach: James Knowles

Last Season: 26-2 overall

Probable Starters: PG: Jalisa Thomas, JR (5-8); SG: Quatesha Horton, SO (5-7); SF: Sherran Allen, SR (5-8); PF: Brandi Johnson, SO (5-11); C: Shanavia Dowdell, SR (6-2)

Players to watch: Sherran Allen and Shanavia Dowdell will be key players for the Eagles this season.

Season Outlook: The Eagles returned to the Final Four last season for a second-straight year. This year, the squad has its eyes set on a third trip in a row to the BJCC.

Chelsea Hornets

Head Coach: Christi Martin

Last Season: 9-21 overall, 3-3 area

Probable Starters: PG: Kaitlyn McGuire, JR (5-6); SG: Charlie Bowman, SR (5-7); SF: Adair Bowman, SO (5-9); PF: Lindi Thompson, SR (5-9); C: Morgan Arnold, SO (5-10)

Players to watch: Charlie Bowman and Lindi Thompson will play key roles for the Hornets this season.

Season Outlook: The Hornets return three starters this season looking to improve on a difficult season last year. The team is comprised of three seniors, one junior, three sophomores and a seventh grader.

Coosa Valley Rebels

Head Coach: Kimbo Rutledge

Last Season: unavailable

Probable Starters: unavailable

Players to watch: Kimberli Rutledge will play a key role for the Rebels this season.

Season Outlook: The Rebels return Erica Hurst, SR (5-7); Kimberly Rutledge, JR (5-9); and Mandy Bliss, JR (5-8) from last year’s team.

Cornerstone Chargers

Head Coach: Keith Youngblood

Last Season: 9-12 overall, 5-5 area

Probable Starters: PG: Brittany Calma, FR (5-1); SG: Aubri Smith, SO (5-7); SF: Haley Anderson, SO (5-7); PF: Mandy Hawkins, SO (5-7); C: Marybeth Willis, SR (5-5)

Players to watch: The Chargers return all five starters from last year’s team.

Season Outlook: Coach Youngblood said he hopes the team will be able to make a good run at this year’s playoffs after falling just one game short of the postseason in 2004.

Indian Springs

Head Coach: Amee Harris

Last Season: Unavailable

Probable Starters: PG: Kavita Jariwala; SG: Anchal Bansal; SF: Undecided; PF: Lindsey Moye; C: Latonvia Evans

Players to watch: Kavita Jariwala, Anchal Bansal and Lindsey Moye will all play big roles for the Indian Springs squad.

Season Outlook: Amee Harris enters her first season as Indian Springs’ coach.

She said she is hoping to work well with the girls and expects that they will all step up and perform to their full potential, but that there is still a lot to learn on both sides.

Kingwood Lions

Head Coach: Jerry Stearns

Last Season: unavailable

Probable Starters:


Players to watch: Hannah Phillips will once again be the player to watch for Kingwood this season.

Season Outlook: The Lions return Hannah Phillips, JR (5-4); Brittany Wis, JR (5-9); and Kayla Cates, SR (6-0) to this year’s squad.

Montevallo Bulldogs

Head Coach: Tena Niven

Last Season: 23-10 overall, 6-0 area

Probable Starters: PG: Jordan Archer, SO (5-6); SG: Candice Fields, JR (5-6); SF: Kaivonna Towner, SR (5-6); PF: Lakisha Brown, SR (5-6); C: Sarah Gothard, SR (5-8)

Players to watch: Lakisha Brown and Candice Fields will play crucial roles for the Bulldogs this season.

Season Outlook: The Lady Bulldogs are coming off a great season that coach Niven said has helped build the program. The squad welcomes four freshman who were part of an undefeated team last season, leaving the Bulldogs excited about their capabilities.

Oak Mountain Eagles

Head Coach: Toni Leo

Last Season: 16-14 overall, 4-6 area

Probable Starters: PG: Kate Jozinski, JR (5-6); SG: Ashley Brown, SR (5-6); SF: Lauren Miller, SO (5-6); PF: Tiffaney McKinney, JR (5-9); C: Ashley Stolze, SR (5-9)

Players to watch: Kate Jozinski is a transfer from Indian Springs who will be a key contributor for the Eagles.

Season Outlook: Coach Leo said she is excited about the Eagles capabilities this season. The team lost six seniors from last year’s squad; but Leo said there are a lot of new faces with a lot of talent on the team this season.

Pelham Panthers

Head Coach: Casey Smith

Last Season: Unavailable

Probable Starters: PG: Kristen Crocker, SO; SG: Koriael Padgett, JR; SF: Caty Murphy, SO; PF: Melanie Short, FR and Whitney Billings, FR; C: Gena Methvia, JR

Players to watch: Unavailable

Season Outlook: Coach Smith said the Panthers are going through a rebuilding season this year with a number of players improving. The squad also welcomes a number of young and talented newcomers this year.

Shelby Academy Raiders

Head Coach: Jason Kervin

Last Season: unavailable

Probable Starters: unavailable

Players to watch: unavailable

Season Outlook: The Raiders return Kendra Bristow, JR (5-3); Brianne Edwards, JR (5-9); Paris Reneau, SR (5-10); and Kimbrell Lee, SO (5-11) to this year’s squad.

Shelby County Wildcats

Head Coach: Leroy Miles

Last Season: 7-13 overall, 2-4 area

Probable Starters: PG: Leah Bland, JR; SG: Jasmine Mayfield, SO; SF: Jamie Key, SR; PF: Whittney Jones, JR; C: Kayla Williams, SO

Players to watch: Coach Miles said Leah Bland and Kayla Williams will play key roles in the Wildcats’ season.

Season Outlook: The team is still young with only two seniors but returns all of its starters from last year’s squad. Coach Miles said he is looking for good things to happen to the team coming off a difficult season last year.

Spain Park Jaguars

Head Coach: Kelly Holland

Last Season: 23-9 overall, 8-4 area

Probable Starters: PG: Tiffany Thomas, SR (5-6); Stefie Dominguez, JR (5-0); SG: Keandra Simmons, SR (5-7); SF: Lauren Dunning, SR (5-11); PF: TiarenYoung, JR (5-10); C: Ashley Boler, SR (6-0)

Players to watch: Tiffany Thomas, Lauren Dunning, Ashley Boler and Tiaren Young.

Season Outlook: The Jags are looking to put an experienced team on the floor, coach Holland said, with four starters returning from last year’s squad.

Thompson Warriors

Head Coach: Cara Crosslin

Last Season: 18-14 overall, 5-7 area

Probable Starters: PG: Christina Shelton, JR (5-5); SG: RhondaWatts, SO (5-6); SF: Tamara Williams, SR (6-0); PF: Britt Self, SR (5-11); C: Chasity Herron, JR (6-0)

Players to watch: Coach Crosslin said her entire squad will have something to contribute to this year’s season.

Season Outlook: Crosslin said her squad competes in a tough area and the success of the Warriors will depend on who is ready to play on any given night. Crosslin said her team has the potential to be good this season.

Vincent Yellow Jackets

Head Coach: Stephanie Ledlow

Last Season: 6-15 overall, 1-7 area

Probable Starters: PG: LaPorsha Bundrage, SO (5-5, 120); SG: Tashia Griffith, SO (5-4, 130); SF: Adriean Datcher, JR (5-3, 150); PF: Keshandra Wilson, FR (5-6, 140); C: Nieshia Dates, FR (5-7, 140)

Players to watch: LaPorsha Bundrage, Niesha Dates and Tashia Griffith.

Season Outlook: The Yellow Jackets are lacking in senior leadership this season. Coach Ledlow is looking forward to seeing who will step up and play