Two years to complete South Water Treatment Plant

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Shelby County South Water Treatment Plant will take about two years to complete, county officials said Monday.

The county commission awarded a bid of some $41.83 million from B.L. Harbert International to build the 16 million-gallon-per-day treatment plant.

Major elements of the project include:

-A raw water intake and pump station including two intake pipes with screens, two wetwells, three raw water pumps with slots for three additional pumps in the future, 3,400-square-feet pump and electrical rooms and a 1,300-square-foot chemical feed building.

-10,000 feet of raw water main.

-A two-story production facility with 13,100 square feet containing a control room, a laboratory, plant monitoring and control system and a telemetry system for radio monitoring of about 20 remote distribution system facilities, chemical tanks, feeders and pumps.

-A 3,700-square-foot electrical building.

-A 2,500-square-foot maintenance building.

-A pre-aeration basin with volume of 165,000 gallons.

-Two rapid mix chambers with a combined volume of 5,135 gallons.

-Two flocculation basins with a combined volume of 330,000 gallons.

-Three standing basins with a combined volume of 2.9 million gallons.

-Six activated carbon/sand filters.

-A distribution pump station with five pumps ranging up to 800 horsepower each and slots for two future pumps along with a control valve and electrical room.

-A lime silo with a capacity of 50 tons of lime.

-Flowmeters, roads, process piping, chemical feed piping and storm drainage piping.

-A 150-foot diameter pre-stressed Clearwell with a capacity for 2 million gallons of treated, disinfected water.

-Four sludge storage ponds with a combined volume of 4 million gallons.

-A two-story filter building containing control equipment, automatic valves and piping for six filters.

-14,000 cubic yards of reinforced concrete.

In other business, the county commended the city of Montevallo for naming the park property alongside Quarles Street, Selma Road and Samford Street as George S. Dailey City Park.

The park serves as a parking lot and partially as a city park.