Chelsea discusses firearms code

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Staff Writer

Chelsea councilmembers took another look at the city’s new firearm code this week, addressing concerns about hunting and private property.

The council made changes to the proposed ordinance following a public meeting. The original proposal prohibited shooting a firearm in the city. The new ordinance permits shooting for the purpose of hunting on private property with a minimum acreage.

Also, the original proposal prohibited shooting within subdivisions, but councilmembers reconsidered because certain subdivisions are family-owned.

&8220;A lot of issues came up,&8221; said councilmember Juanita Champion. &8220;Some wanted no firing in the city, period. Some wanted to be able to hunt on their own property.

&8220;We felt that if they have enough property, then they should be able to hunt.&8221;

The new ordinance prohibits shooting within 100 yards of any occupied or unoccupied building. It also prohibits shooting within 50 yards of any street or road.

Shooting across property lines or within 50 yards of another’s property is also prohibited.

The ordinance defines a firearm as a pistol, rifle, shotgun, air gun, air rifle, pellet gun, BB gun, bow or any other device that discharges a dangerous projectile