The following deeds were transferred in Shelby County on Aug. 26.

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Aug. 26

-Investment Associates, LLC to Martin and Penny Stap for $319,760 for lot 30 at Inverness Highlands.

-Harold Miller to Timothy and Kimberly Miller for $180,000 for four parcels.

-Eddie and Jennifer Nicole Lewis to Eddie and Jennifer Nicole for $20,000 for lot 14 at residential subdivision highlands.

-Melanie Williams to Ron and Angela Pharr for $60,000 for lot 11 at Crystal Lakes Estates.

-Holland Lakes, Inc to Betty LeCroy Richardson for $191, 318 for lot 112 at Holland Lakes.

-Chelsea Park Homes, Inc to Eric Reed for $144,900 for lot 3-14 at Chelsea Park.

-Holland Lakes, Inc to Stacey Defranco, Robert Hunter and Southern Synergy Land Properties, LLC for $152, 950 for lot 61 at Holland Lakes.

-Robert and Debra Schmidt to Thomas and Wendy Evans for

$323,000 for lot 20 at Oak Meadows.

-Debrah and Stephen Newton to Elizabeth and Don Thrower for $400,000 for lot 1044 at Highland Lakes.

-Perry and Lisa Pearson to Martin Ryan and Alyson Yeager for $180,000 for lot 9 at Awtrey & Scotts.

-Holland Lakes, Inc to James and June Brannon for $137,185 for lto 60 at Holland Lakes.

-Cynthia and Christopher Dehaven to Daniel Turner, Jr. and Candice Turner for $232,900 for lot 66 at Meadow Brook.

-Daniel W. Turner, Jr. and Candice Turner to Erica Stempel

for $126,000 for lot 48 at Parkview Townhomes.

-Greg and Lisa Frank to Deborah Thompson for $179,000 for lto 344 at Old Cahaba Oak Ridge.

-Chelsea Park Homes, Inc to Joseph Blake Phillips for $135,400 for lot 3-65 at Chelsea Park.

-Phillip and Wendy Goodwin to June Fitch Doughty for $220,000 for lot 12 at Greystone Farms.

-Patrick M. McMamee, Sr. and Marguerite McMamee to William Chenoweth for $212,000 for lot 106 at Narrows Peak.

-Danielle Ponder Tucker and Barry Tucker to Ann Margaret Posada for $143,000 for lot 128 at Amberly Woods.

-ABN Amro Mortgage Group, Inc to Edward Earl Smith, Jr. and Shane Schroeder for $50,000 for one parcel.

-John and Charlotte Lusco to James and Elizabeth Olliff for $195,000 for lot 49 at Forest Hills.

-Clint Jeffry and Stephanie Locke to Darl Gene and Janet Kay Locke for $128,000 for lot 19 at Chase Plantation.

-Second Union Investors, LLC to Joiner Flooring Inc DBA Skyline Building Co for $42,900 for lot 22 at Oaklyn Hills.

-Davis & Allen Properties, LLC

to BG Allen for $16,500 for lot 40 at Fairview.

-J Harris Development Corporation to CRO MOR LLC for $22,900 for lot 33 at Perkins Landing.

-Premiere Homes, Inc to Leo H French, III and Karol French for $287,000 for lot 302 at Haddington Parc.

-James Woods Development, Inc to Frank and Robin Curci for $769,000 for lot 927 at Greystone Legacy,

-Kent McCain to Shirley Gossett for $186,000 for lot 2 at Old Mill Trace.

-Second Union Investors, LLC to Cahaba Valley Building Company, LLC for $155, 300 for lots 50, 84, 94 and 95 at Oaklyn Hills.

-Investment Associates, LLC to Chuck Bates and Vita Padalino for $275,990 for lot 3 at Inverness Highlands.

-Richard and Sharon Anderson to Shiloh Creek, LLC for $480,000 for two parcels.

-Adam and Jamie Wilson to Jimmie Kerr for $310,000 for lot 442 at Forest Parks.

-Penny and Brian Thomas to American Homes & Land Corporation for $500,000 for lot141 at Highland Lakes.

-Mauri Howell to The Howell Living Trust for $10,000 for lot 60 at Canyon Park Townhomes.

-Harry Wormley to Travis William Godwin and Emily Cheryl Godwin for $222,000 for lot 20 at Little Ridge Estates.

-James and Autumn Golden to John H. Pierce, III for $245,000 for lot 270 at Eagle Point.

-John and Wendy Pierce

James and Autumn Golden for $395,000 for lot 1012 at Highland Lakes.

-Billy and Brenda Dover to Juanita and Marilu Grande Gonzalez for $69,000 for one parcel.

-Harry and Beth Horton to Roderick and Jean Williams for $473,000 for lot 16 at Mill Springs Estates.

-Vertice and Charlotte Wood to Joseph Raffield, Rebekah Trammell Raffield and Samuel Raffield for $112,500 for lot 4 at McMillens and one parcel.

-Bryan and Leslie Davis to Christopher and Kelly Baker for $201,000 for lot 14 at Sunset Lakes.

-Veronica Laforet to Elizabeth Davis and Joseph Brindley for $124,900 for lot 76 at Cambrian Ridge.

-Alcides and Nyla Patete to Leann Humphrey for $140,800 for lot 30 at Woodland Hills.

-Tim Oakley to Sydne Stone for $129,500 for lot 48 at Bermuda Lake Estates.

-Dana Wanninger to Brandy Walker for $104,000 for two parcels.

-Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Bama Shewmake for $118,950 for lot 18 at Parkside.

-Michael and Andrea to Christopher to Christopher and Karla Kiester for $163,000 for lot 121 at Summer Brook.

-Thomas Marc and Kimberly Sandlin to Sandra Johnson

for $215,000 for lot 356 at Weatherly.

-United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jill Tolbert for $34,800 for one parcel.

-Reginald and Bobbie Baugh to Martin and Maria Carignan for $212,000 for lot 146 at Forest Lakes.

-Len and Monica Menecola to Jon and Mary Beth Malone for $249,900 for lot 27 at Sunny Meadows.

-Jason and Lesley Hutchison to Patrick, Bengie and Kelley Keeton for $128,000 for lot 132 at Hayesbury.

-Troy Tabor, Gina Burrus and Frank Burrus to Afshin Tahmaseb for $101, 000 for lot 9 at Breckenridge Park Royal Ridge.

-Stacy Alliston Design & Building, Inc to Lean and Sandra Alliston for $700,000 for lot 943 at Greystone Legacy.

-J. Daniel and Courtney Layfield to Wesley Franklin and Sarah Lynn Thompson for $113,900 for lot 17 at Carrington