Odgers leads Blazers over Dynamite, Fire wins

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 13, 2005


– Division 1:

Blazers 24, Dynamite 19: Jeffrey Odgers led the Blazers with 11 points and seven rebounds followed by

John Thomas Owen with six points and three rebounds.

Jake Borden had eight rebounds while Rebecca Stannard had one assist and one rebound.

The Dynamite’s lead scorers were Jim Vick with 10 points and five rebounds and Timothy Driskell with four points and 10 rebounds.

Molly Morris and Sabrina Hawk contributed to a strong defense while grabbing one rebound apiece.

Tigers 15, Silly Shooters 11: Lead scorers for the Tigers were Payton Jebeles with six points and 10 rebounds, Tucker Holley with four points and seven rebounds and John Connor Davis with four points two rebounds.

Patti McGee grabbed two rebounds.

The Silly Shooters were led by Dovairs Kelley with four points and nine rebounds and Talon Thompson with two points

and six rebounds.

Trey Sullivan grabbed six rebounds and Adison Couch had six steals.

– Division 2:

Bulls 41, Kings 36:

Top scorers for the Bulls were Hunter Morris with 16 points, and Cole Pate with 11 points.

Nathan Reddy and Christian Kendrick were defensive stars.

The Kings were led by

Spencer Dill with 12 points and Jaylun Woods with nine.

Rebecca Tucker and Mack Slaughter were defensive stars.

Wildcats 26, Swish 15:

Najor Williams led the Wildcats with 11 points followed by Wesley Walton and Nick Youngblood with four points apiece.

The top scorers for the Swish were Jonathan Seale with six points and Brannon Jones with five.

Zach Borden and Wesley Posey contributed to a tough defense.

– Division 3:

Hoop Dawgs 26, Bandits 14:

Lead scorers for the Hoop Dawgs were Mike Pate with six points, seven rebounds and three steals; Cody Garrett with six points and three rebounds and

Matthew Gibson with five points, three rebounds and one steal.

The Bandits were led by Dakota Falkner with four points, seven rebounds and a steal and Sam Jebeles with four points and two rebounds.

Jared Seale and Ryan Carroll both grabbed three rebounds apiece.

Pistons 40, Kenights 31: Tyler Williams led the Pistons with 23 points and six rebounds followed by Justus Martin with 12 points.

Tucker Youngblood grabbed seven rebounds while Elliott Folmar got two.

The Kenights were led by Tyler Madison with 23 points and 16 rebounds followed by C.T. Youngblood with six points and three rebounds.

Billy Lucas had six rebounds while Charlie Lloyd grabbed four.

Rockets 14, Magic 12:

Chase Payne led the Rockets with eight points, 12 rebounds and two steals followed by Aaron Walker with four points, nine rebounds and two steals.

Will Walker grabbed eight rebounds while Josh Beasley had three.

The Magic’s top scorers were Darrian Avery with nine points and Dra Dozier with three points and seven rebounds.

Jordan Tucker grabbed nine rebounds while Nathan Carter had two rebounds and two steals.

– Division 4:

Blazers 34, Snowmen 20: Christopher Reece led the Blazers with 12 points and 14 rebounds followed by Stephen Bulger with 10 points and six rebounds.

Mason Maxwell and Duran Dollar both grabbed three rebounds apiece.

The Snowmen were led by Joshua Gibson with seven points followed by Ryan Etress with five.

Derek Hudson grabbed three rebounds while Joe Pate had four steals.

Pistons 33, Hoosiers 18: Blake Carlee led the Pistons with 21 points followed by David Keene with six points and 13 rebounds.

Brent Ross grabbed 18 rebounds while Shaquille Agee had five.

Top scorers for the Hoosiers were Keaton Wood with nine points and Nathan Herrington with six.

Jonathan Harrison grabbed five rebounds while Garrett Coyte had three rebounds and two steals.

– Younger Girls Division

Hurricanes 31, Cyclones 18:

Brandy Gassaway led the Hurricanes with 12 points while Victoria Cox contributed nine.

The Cyclones lead scorers were Kaitlyn Paschall and Jacqueline Head with four apiece. J.J. Ranson and Tempest Cantrell were defensive stars.

Stars 21, Bandits 14:

Heather Hopkins led the Stars with eight points followed by Brooke Calma with four. Kinnady Wood and Kelsie Shirley contributed to a tough defense.

The Bandits top scorers were Sarah Horton and Aaron Todd with four points apiece.

Jamie Alley and Anna Morgan Couch anchored the defense.

– Older Girls Division

Columbiana Fire 16, Lady Cats 14:

Mallory Seale led the Fire with six points and two rebounds while Taylor Shaw contributed four points and six rebounds. Savannah Upton had a steal and Kourtney Robinson scored four points, grabbed three rebounds and had three steals.

The Lady Cats were led by Megan Scoggins with four points and seven rebounds. Amanda Garrett had four points and five rebounds and Tia Pickett had four points, three rebounds and three steals.

Jennifer Walton grabbed four rebounds.

Raiders 14, Lightning 10:

Katie Horton led the Raiders with 10 points and two steals while Courtney Shields had four points and three rebounds.

Rosemary Austin grabbed three rebounds and Jacklyn Largin was a defensive star.

The Lightning’s top scorers were Ashley Mizzell with three points, four rebounds and three stealsl; Lacy Walton with two points and three rebounds and Kelcie Broadhead with two points, one rebound and two steals.

Grace Etress grabbed one rebound