Student of the Week: Rachel Zeegers

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rachel Zeegers, a 7-year-old second grader at Chelsea Elementary School, is Shelby County Reporter Student of the Week.

Dr. Lynn Cook, principal at ChES, selected her for the honor.

&8220;Rachel Zeegers is an adorable second grade student at Chelsea Elementary School. She is an outstanding student with a great personality,&8221; she said.

&8220;She works hard in school and gets along well with her classmates.

&8220;Her dad is in the U.S. Army and is currently stationed in Pakistan. Along with her teacher, Elizabeth Landrum, Rachel helped initiate a school-wide campaign to collect vitamins to send overseas to help children. The vitamins were mailed to her dad to distribute to children’s hospitals in Pakistan. Rachel was glad to help other children in need.&8221;

Rachel is the daughter of Melody and Randy Zeegers. She has two brothers, R.J., age 16, and Chase, age 10, and one sister, Christine, age 14.

They make up the &8220;Z Team,&8221; according to her mom.

She is the granddaughter of Bert and Sally Zeegers, Faye Brown and Harry Martinez.

Rachel said her favorite subject in school is math … subtraction and addition, &8220;Because it’s fun to learn and you can do activities with it.&8221;

Her favorite teacher is Ms. Landrum, &8220;Because she does activities with math and plays games with math.&8221; She also said Ms. Landrum is fun and nice.

Rachel has been a Student of the Month, a cheerleader, played softball, gets good grades and is now involved in gymnastics.

While she said she likes to dance at home and sing in the car, her face lights up when she says she likes to ride her horse, Flash, at Eddie Martin’s barn in the Columbiana area.

Rachel said her dad is her favorite superhero, &8220;Because he sends things to us when he is in Pakistan.&8221;

Her father is in Army Special Forces stationed in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Rachel said he sends letters, notes and gifts to the family.

As to the future, Rachel plans to go to college, but she says she wants to stay with her parents.

She also said her future career may be as a gymnastics teacher. She said that’s &8220;because it’s fun and you can learn to be strong.&8221;