Alabaster announces SBMC support

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The city of Alabaster is once again throwing its support behind Shelby Baptist Medical Center’s Heart Program.

The city previously passed a resolution in support of SBMC’s open-heart surgery program and noted the benefits to residents of Alabaster for &8220;continuing, uninterrupted&8221; service in that area.

But Monday night, Scott Williams, interim president and CEO at SBMC, pointed out that the hospital is now fighting two battles … both having to do with Brookwood Medical Center objections.

He pointed out that the hospital is asking the state Supreme Court to hear the case involving the original certificate of need for the open-heart surgery program, which was opposed by Brookwood.

While that CON was granted, Brookwood persisted in opposition and the state Civil Court of Appeals ruled against SBMC.

In the meantime, SBMC field for a new CON under new guidelines that were more favorable to SBMC.

Williams said Brook is now opposing that.

He asked the mayor and council to write to Tenet Healthcare, Brookwood’s parent company, to remove its objection.

As a result, the council unanimously approved a resolution introduced by Councilman Jerry Workman which states, &8220;Be it resolved that the Alabaster City Council and Mayor hereby condemns the objection to Shelby Baptist Medical Center’s Certificate of Need filed by Brookwood Medical Center and its parent company, Tenet Healthcare, or any effort made by any third party to deny the residents of this community these vital open heart surgery services and;

&8220;Furthermore, the Alabaster City Council urges Brookwood Medical Center and Tenet Healthcare to withdraw its objection and encourages the Alabama judicial system to uphold the original judicial mandate and allow Shelby BMC’s life-saving open-heart surgery program to continue for the benefit of the residents of Alabaster.&8221;