Holidays not fun for all

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Christmas countdown is well underway.

It seems as if radio stations have been playing holiday music for months, and no matter how early we start shopping, there there is always the inevitable last-minute gift.

Many families across the county are either preparing to travel to relatives’ houses, or readying their own home to welcome in guests for the holidays.

Soon there will be candelight services to attend on Christmas eve, and the tough decision to follow regarding whether or not to head to church on Sunday morning.

Thousands of gifts will be exchanged across Shelby County this Christmas. But as we share the holiday season with family and friends, let us not forget those whose Christmas this year will take on an entirely different form.

Thousands of families wil spend Christmas in FEMA trailers at state parks and campgrounds across the south, including over 100 evacuees still living at Oak Mountain State Park.

Families across Shelby County are without fathers, mothers, sons and daughters this Christmas as military peronnel continue the fight for freedom around the world.

Shelters in the area have increased in occupants as the temperatures drop and the cost of heating skyrockets.

So as we spend time with our family and friends this weekend, let’s remember those trying to make-do in evacuee trailers, those who have nowehere to go to escape the cold and those who are risking their lives and future Christmas days with their families to ensure our safety and freedom