Letters to the editor for Dec. 21, 2005

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dear Editor,

I have lived in the Waterford Cove subdivision in Calera for four and a half months.

I knew it was a growing subdivision under major construction, but if I knew what I know and have experienced now, I would have never bought a home in this neighborhood: the teeth-rattling, tire-alignment potholes and dips, the never-ending supply of smoke (from Waterford and a new apartment development next to Waterford) that penetrates every aspect of your home and clothes, and personally, for myself, the severe water and drainage problems.

The builders tell us it is our responsibility.

The lots are almost like clay pots. Water sits and takes days, and even weeks, to absorb into the earth. Plants die because they are in water constantly. Drain boxes and French drains should have been installed.

This neighborhood has many beautiful homes, a large lake and a community pool. But it also has many problems. If this package sounds good to you, I’ve got a nice home you can buy.

Merry Christmas.

Donnie Green


Dear Editor,

Within a few days, the Alabama legislature will again be in session. The number of problems that await them are almost infinite – schools, highway patrol, the death penalty, excessive taxation of the poor, etc.

The poor in this state pay a much larger share of their income in taxes than they do in any other state in the union. The income tax starts in at a very low figure, and is in addition to a sales tax on everything. The tax system actually creates poverty in this state.

The cry that if we reduce these taxes, we will have to increase taxes on others is a shameful dodge.

Paper companies pay considerably fewer taxes in Alabama than in adjoining states. And we can be certain they will not uproot their trees to take them to Mexico if their taxes are raised. And taxes on the extractive industries (mines, oil and natural gas, for instance) can also be increased, without any fear of losing revenue.

We are allowing these companies to exploit Alabama. It is perfectly sensible and Christian to require these industries to pay more than they are paying. Nobody is going to be laid off work.

Roy Lechtreck