Student of the Week: Trenton Carpenter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Trenton Carpenter, a 7-year-old second grader at Helena Elementary, is Shelby County Reporter Student of the Week.

Helena Elementary Principal Mary Cooper selected him for the honor.

&8220;He is a fine student who likes to learn and who likes to think about his learning in different ways,&8221; Cooper said. &8220;He tries hard to do his best, and he demonstrates the ability to think outside the box.

&8220;Trenton is comfortable conversing with peers and with adults. Trenton has a warm personality and is a good friend to others, even in challenging situations.

&8220;He is a team player and a leader, who likes to help his teacher and his classmates. Trenton is a great example to others about how to be a scholar and how to be a good person.&8221;

Trenton is the son of Jean and Scott Carpenter and has one brother, Cole Carpenter, age 6, who also attends Helena Elementary.

His favorite subject is math, &8220;because you can learn how to do problems in minuses and count money.&8221;

His favorite teacher is Katy Burkhardt, who taught him in kindergarten.

&8220;We did a little math at first … calendar (math), and you could point with her pointer. She was real nice,&8221; he said.

Trenton has been a Good Citizen, won the Panther Pride Award for effort and has participated in Jump Rope For Heart.

&8220;I like to go to the beach, collect seashells, play in the water, build sandcastles and dig holes,&8221; he said.

He also said he likes to play video games, and baseball is one of his favorite sports.

Trenton said police officers are his superheroes, &8220;because they get the bad guys away from people and from hurting people.&8221;

When he grows up, Trenton said, he wants to be president of the United States.

He said of being president, &8220;Well, it sounds pretty cool to do because you get to talk on a microphone, be on TV and lots of people see you.&8221;

He also said, &8220;You have your own limo,&8221; and, &8220;I would like to see lots of people outside.&8221;

He agreed that as president he would also work for peace.

Trenton plans to go to college somewhere in Alabama