North Shelby youth basketball results

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Open Division

Oak Mountain Knights defeated Oak Mountain Red: All of the Knights scored in the game and were led on offense by Mark Newton and Blaine Wilson. William Shores had 11 defensive rebounds for the Knights.

Other games

Mountain Brook White defeated Cahaba Lions

Cahaba Gold defeated Mountain Brook Green.

Open division championships

Mountain Brook White won the regular season Open division championship while the Oak Mountain Knights were runner-ups.

Division 6

Calera defeated Oak Mountain White

Oak Mountain Blue defeated Oak Mountain Red

Spain Park 21, Cahaba Gold 14

Vincent defeated Oak Mountain Classical

Division 6 championship

Calera won the regular season Division 6 championship and the Oak Mountain Blue team was the runner-up.

Division 5

Cahaba Lions defeated Oak Mountain Red

Pelham Panthers defeated Cahaba Gold

Oak Mountain Blue defeated Shades Mountain Green

McAdory defeated Shades Mountain White

Division 5 championship

The Cahaba Lions won the regular season Division 5 championship and the Oak Mountain Red team was the runner-up.

Division 4

Cahaba Lions 30, Oak Mountain Classical (3) 12: Trey Sumpter and Will Laatsch led the Lions on offense and Doug Battle and Taylor Mitchell were the defensive leaders.

Mountain Brook (4) 23, Oak Mountain Red 20

Hoover 36, Oak Mountain Classical (4) 16

Mountain Brook (3) 17, Spain Park (3) 16

Spain Park (4) defeated Oak Mountain Blue

Division 4 championship

Hoover won the regular season Division 4 championship and the Cahaba Lions won the fourth grade division