Ward honored by Humane Federation

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Shelby County Rep. Cam Ward was honored Monday by the Alabama Humane Federation and the Alabama Animal Control Association.

He received a plaque from AHF president Mindy Gilbert and county animal control officer Donald Kendrick during the County Commission meeting.

&8220;Rep. Ward worked tirelessly last year in his attempt to pass the Dangerous Dog Act and has vowed to continue this work until the legislation is passed,&8221; Gilbert said.

&8220;Shelby and Bibb county residents are lucky to have someone like Rep. Ward looking after their interests in Montgomery.&8221;

Ward, who represents District 49 in the state legislature, became involved in legislation to control dangerous dogs after one of his constituents was injured in an unprovoked dog attack two years ago.

Since then, he has worked with the AHF on legislation to control these animals, Gilbert said.

She also said Ward has been a strong proponent for other animal legislation including a ban on Hog-Dog Rodeos as well as spay/neuter legislation.

&8220;He has done a phenomenal job and we want to recognize him for that hard work,&8221; Gilbert said.

Ward pre-filed the Dangerous Dog Bill (House Bill 27) and it has been assigned to the House Judiciary committee for the 2006 Alabama Legislative session that began yesterday in Montgomery