Alabaster officer shoots aggressive dog

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A police response to a couple being threatened by a dog in a garage resulted in the non-fatal shooting of the dog Sunday and charges against the dog owner.

Capt. Curtis Rigney of the Alabaster Police Department said officers responded to the call on King Arthur Court.

They were informed that

vicious and aggressive pit bull had trapped a couple inside a garage.

Rigney said several officers were searching for the dog&8217;s owner.

In the meantime, Rigney said, the dog became aggressive toward the officers.

&8220;One of the officers did what he felt was necessary,&8221; Rigney said, &8220;to protect the citizens in the area.&8221;

He said the officer discharged his pistol at the dog, following police protocol in protecting Alabaster&8217;s citizens.

According to Rigney, the officer shot the dog, which then ran to what turned out to be the yard of his owner

Thomas Taylor.

Taylor was charged with violation of the city&8217;s leash law and later bonded out of jail.

Rigney said the dog had been out the day before and was not fenced in