Police Reports from January 18, 2005

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Jan. 5

-Theft of Property from Interstate 65. Taken were a black billfold valued at $15, $285 in U.S. currency and an Alabama driver&8217;s license valued at $25.

-Theft of Property from Wal-Mart. Stolen were earrings valued at $3.73, necklace valued at $4.73, two bras valued at $28.80, women&8217;s pants valued at $10.94, two women&8217;s sweaters valued at $20.87, a pajama top valued at $5.87, and pajama pants valued at $7.87.

-Assault from 1317 from 5th Ave. S.W.

-Theft of Property/Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle from 126 4th Place S.E. Taken were a Capital One credit

card, a Mutual Savings credit card and the use of a 2004 Nissan.

Jan. 6

-Domestic Violence/Assault from 87 Hilltop Road. Butcher Knife.

-Domestic Dispute -Info Only from 565 9th Ave. S.E.

-Unlawful Possession of Marijuana from Alabaster Gardens parking lot. A four-gram clear plastic bag containing marijuana valued at $20 was recovered.

-Theft of Property from 881 3rd St. N.E. U.S. currency valued at $30 and a Wachovia debit card valued at $1 were taken.

-Identify Theft from Birmingham. A fraudulent Nextel telephone account was opened valued at $5,059 without the victim&8217;s knowledge or consent.

-Theft of Property from unknown location. An Alabama regular &8220;Stars Fell on Alabama&8221; license plate valued at $24.25 was taken.

Jan. 7

-Information Only-Unsecured Residence from 1019 Franks Circle.

-Found Property from 8919 Highway 119 behind store by dumpster. Recovered were four boxes of Vastack Vascular Access Ports and four Injection Lure Locks.

-Stalking (telephone) from 1744D Woodbrook Trail.

-Harassment from 50 Kentstone Way. Hands.

-Theft of Property/Trespassing Warning from Wal-Mart. An on-off toggle switch valued at $1.96 was taken.

Jan. 8

-Damage to Property from Highway 119 S at Lovelady Mini Storage. The front end and driver&8217;s side of a 1994 Oldsmobile 88 were damaged.

-Suicide Attempt from 1807 Apt. D Woodbrook Circle.

-Theft of Property from 307 Mardis Lane. Two cement round-style flowerpots valued at $50 were taken.

-Theft of Property from McDonald&8217;s from 1499 1st St. N. Some $100 in $20 bills was taken.

-Damage to Property from Belk parking lot at Colonial Promenade. The driver&8217;s side of a 1995 Ford Taurus rear door and rear fender received $500 damage.

-Criminal Mischief from 215 Weatherly Club Drive. A mailbox received $50 damage and a mailbox post received $450 damage.

-Criminal Mischief from Thompson High School from 100 Warrior Drive. One glass door received $500 damage and six panes of beveled privacy glass received $1,000 damage.

-Theft of Property from 100 Greenfield Circle. One cement statue valued at $35 was taken.

-Criminal Mischief from 236 Green Field Lane. Three cement statues valued at $100 were crushed.

-Information Only from Highway 80 at Honeysuckle. A 1996 Ford Explorer was recovered.

-Domestic Violence/Assault from 237 Cedar Meadow, Maylene. Crown Royal Bottle.

Jan. 9

-Domestic Dispute/Information Only from 1564 Kent Dairy Road, Lot 132. Voice.

-Information from 1609 King Charles Court. A bone was recovered.

-Criminal Mischief from Thompson High School north parking lot.

-Theft of Property from Movie Gallery from 9260 Highway 119. Two Play Station2s valued at $120 were taken.

-Information Only-Civil from Waffle House.

-Theft of Property from Wal-Mart at 630 Colonial Promenade Parkway. Stolen were three beef filets valued at $13.08; one Family Circle Magazine valued at $1.79; one Claritan valued at $19.72; one DS Nora Taup valued at $17; and one Mucinex, 40 ct. valued at $16.23 were taken.

-Criminal Mischief from McDonald&8217;s at 1499 1st St. N. A drive-through menu board window received $200 damage.

Jan. 10

-Driving Under the Influence, Unlawful Possession of Marijuana from Highway 31. A clear plastic bag of marijuana (one gram) was recovered.

-Damage to Property from unknown location. A 2001 Toyota Corolla received $500 damage.

-Damage to Property from unknown location. A 2004 Honda Accord received $200 damage from a bullethole in the roof of the car.

-Theft of Property from Ernest McCarty Ford at 1471 Highway 71. A 1989 EZ Go Golf Cart valued at $1,000 was taken.

-Found Property from Alabama Thrift Store parking lot. Recovered was a National Bank of Commerce, Visa gift card.

-Theft of Gasoline from Chevron from 7645 Highway 119, Montevallo.

Some 18.189 gallons of regular gasoline valued at $40 were taken.

-Theft of Property/Identity Theft from the driveway of a residence. A Citi MasterCard fraudulently used in other jurisdictions was stolen.

Jan. 11

-Leaving the scene of accident from Shelby Baptist at 1000 First St. N. A 2003 Ford Taurus was damaged.

-Information Only – Criminal Trespass from 1624 Kent Dairy Road.

-Theft of Gasoline from Shop-A-Snack at 8233 Highway 119 S. Some nine gallons of gasoline valued at $20 were taken.

-Theft of Property from Belk at Suite 2100, 300 Colonial Promenade Parkway. An unknown quantity of cash valued at about $300, an unknown quantity of fraudulent cash returns valued at about $300, two Nautica shirts valued at $120 and one gift card valued at $46.11 were taken.

-Criminal Mischief from 139 Silver Stone Lane. A mailbox received $50 damage and a mailbox post received $300 damage.

-Assault from 181 Kentwood Drive. Hands.

Jan. 12

-Criminal Mischief from Thompson High School. An outside wall received $50 damage and a brick wall received $100 damage.

-Trespassing/Theft of Property from Wal-Mart at 630 Promenade Parkway. Stolen and recovered were a White Stag brown jacket valued at $9; two Athletic Works orange pants valued at $21.88, two Athletic Works orange shirts, $15.88, one Faded Glory shirt valued at $11.77, one No Boundaries draw cord pant valued at $16.83, one No Boundaries Polo Shirt valued at $8.87 and one No Boundaries item valued at $9.


Jan. 6

-Theft of property from Pelham High School. A jacket was stolen ($70).

-Theft of property from Lakeview First United Methodist Church at 5000 Highway 11. A mortar mixer was stolen ($2,500).

-Recovery of stolen property from Interstate 65 at Cahaba Valley Road. A 1996 Chrysler Cirrus was recovered.

-Theft of property from Wal-Mart Supercenter. Items stolen included two sewing machines ($870) and two Aerobed mattresses ($196).

-Theft of property from Compass Bank at 3080 Pelham Parkway. $300 in cash was stolen.

-Harassing communications from 989 Ryecroft Road.

-Miscellaneous information from County Road 35.

-Leaving the scene of an accident from Cahaba Valley Road.

Jan. 7

-Outside agency assist from Pelham Parkway at LUV Homes.

-Property damage from 900 Frontier Drive. A storm drain cover was damaged ($500).

-Missing person from Green Park South mobile home park.

-Theft of property from 709 Cahaba Manor Trail. A DVD/CD player and entertainment system was stolen ($400).

Jan. 8

-Theft of property from 350 Belle Vista motor home park. A radio was stolen ($64).

-Outside agency assist from County Road 11 at Deer Springs Grocery.

-Property damage from 900 Willow Bend Road. A 2000 Chrysler Sebring was damaged.

-Theft of property from 200 North Chandalar Drive. A digital camera ($300) and flash card ($30) were stolen.

-Theft of property from 120B King Valley Drive. A 1996 Ford Explorer was stolen ($5,600).

-Driving under the influence of alcohol and improper lane usage from Pelham Parkway at Yeager Parkway.

-Public intoxication from lot 181 at Green Park South motor home park.

-Property damage from Cahaba Valley Road at Southern Heritage Funeral Home. A 2004 Chevrolet Impala was damaged ($1,800).

-Miscellaneous information from the Little Mountain Apartment complex.

-Outside agency assist from the Pelham police department.

-Theft of property from the Wal-Mart Supercenter. $100 in cash and 50 dinars were stolen.

-Outside agency assist from Pelham Parkway at Old Montgomery Highway.

-Property damage from County Road 11 at the Pelham north city limits. A 2004 Honda Pilot was damaged ($1,000).

Jan. 9

-Theft of property from the Wal-Mart Supercenter.

-Outside agency assist from Wal-Mart Supercenter.

-Theft of property from Wal-Mart Supercenter. Two packs of Yu-Gi-oh! Trading cards were stolen ($20).

-Harassment from Wal-Mart Supercenter.

-Property damage from the BP service station at on Cahaba Valley Road. A 2003 Saturn L300 was damaged ($500).

Jan. 10

-Theft of property from 138 Victory Trail. Nine company checks were stolen.

-Obstruction of justice, using false identification and domestic violence from the Applebee&8217;s restaurant.

-Theft of property from 2961 Pelham Parkway. Items stolen included a wallet ($10), $20 in cash, a driver&8217;s license ($15) and various credit cards.

-Fraudulent use of a credit card from various locations.

-Theft of property from the Wal-Mart Supercenter. Three computer games ($140) and a DVD ($17) were stolen.

-Miscellaneous information from 132 Stone Haven Drive.

-Theft of property from 828 Highway 33. A 2003 Honda Rincon ($7,100) and a trailer ($2,200) were stolen.

Jan. 11

-Miscellaneous information from the Golden Corral restaurant at 101 Cahaba Valley Parkway.

-Property damage from 2181 Pelham Parkway. A 2004 Mazda 6 was damaged ($1,500).

-Suicide attempt from 800 Valleyview Road.

-Property damage from the Wal-Mart Supercenter. A 2005 Buick Lesabre was damaged ($250).

Jan. 12

-Unexplained lost property from Old Time Pottery at 3001 Pelham Parkway. A check book was lost.

-Theft of property from a boys P.E. locker at Pelham High School. $100 in cash was stolen.

-Harassment from the main office at Pelham High School.

-Liability insurance required from Helena Road at Valleydale Terrace.

-Outside agency assist from the Waffle House restaurant at 2965 Pelham Parkway.


Jan. 4

-Found property from 335 Helena Market Place.

-Domestic violence and harassment from 2570 Scurlock Road.

-Safe streets act from County Road 17 at County Road 58.

-Theft of property from 5438 Helena Road. Items stolen included two 50-foot welding leads ($203) and two 25-foot welding leads ($109).

-Negotiating with a non-negotiable instrument from Highway 261 at Old Town.

-Theft of property from Hannah Home boxes along Highway 52. Items stolen included a mattress and box spring set ($50) and a table ($20)

-Criminal mischief from Claiborne Street. A gazebo was damaged ($50).

-Criminal mischief and theft of property from APAC Corporation at 3110 Helena Road. A drink machine ($1,400) and change box ($50 ) were damaged. $250 in cash was stolen.

-Gas drive off of $23.69 from 1107 Townhouse Road.

Jan. 5

-Intimidating a witness and safe streets act from the Helena Post Office.

Jan. 6

-Driving under the influence of alcohol from Highway 52 at Frankie&8217;s.

-Suspicious person and activity from Chestnut Forest Drive.

-Theft of property from 8371 Highway 13. Items stolen included a 1972 Ford Mustang ($3,000), a wood stove ($500) and an iron heater ($100).

Jan. 7

-Safe streets act from Highway 17 at Rocky Ridge Road.

-Theft of property from 1101 Amberly Woods Drive. Items stolen included a washing machine ($450), a clothes dryer ($450) and a refrigerator ($1,100).

-Safe streets act from Highway 52 East at Dearing Downs Drive.

Jan. 8

-Hindering prosecution from 230 1st Avenue East.

-Unlawful possession of a controlled substance from Highway 17 at the BP service station.

-Unlawful use of a motor vehicle from 1255 Johnson Street. A 2005 Toyota Matrix was stolen ($10,000).

-Harassment from 339 Helena Road.

-Domestic violence and menacing from 230 1st Avenue East.

Jan. 9

-Expired tag from 165 Hickory Point Drive.

-Trespass warning from 1147 Lawley Street.

-Criminal mischief from 1147 Lawley Street. Two storm doors and two windows were damaged.

Jan. 10

-Domestic incident from 310 St. Charles Way (12:01 a.m.)

-Domestic incident from 310 St. Charles Way (7:40 p.m.)


Jan. 4

-Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia from 400 block of Bear Creek Road.

-Robbery Threats from 200 block of Columbiana Square.

Jan. 6

-Theft of Property from 2100 block of Highway 25 Bypass. A Blackberry 7100i with Sim valued at $349 was taken.

-Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia from 400 block of Pitts Road.

Jan. 7

-Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia from East Sterrett Street.


-Nothing to report.


Jan. 6

-Domestic incident from 1831 20th Avenue.

-Criminal mischief and domestic disturbance from 134 Slab Hill Road. House siding was damaged.

Jan. 7

-Receiving stolen property from 513 Waterford Lake Circle. A 1996 Ford Taurus was received ($5,000).

Jan. 8

-Gas drive off of $30.05 from 11731 Highway 25.

-Theft of property from 20 County Road 67. Various medication was stolen.

Jan. 9

-Gas drive off of $5 from the Murphy Oil service station.

-Domestic incident from 9179 Highway 22.

-Property damage from County Road 12 at County Road 22. A 1996 Saturn SL1 was damaged.

Jan. 10

-Driving under the influence of alcohol from Highway 25 at 18th Street.

-Incident from 10149 Highway 31.

-Theft of property and identity theft from Lafarge. $404.86 in cash was stolen.

Jan. 11

-Property damage from Highway 25 at Interstate 65. A 2004 Chevrolet Silverado was damaged ($3,500).

-Reckless endangerment from Wal-Mart Supercenter.

-Domestic incident from 2607B County Road 20.

Jan. 12

-Theft of property from 37 Summerhill Drive in Columbiana. A gun was stolen ($325).

-Incident from 169 Supercenter Drive at the Wal-Mart Supercenter.

-Domestic violence from 189 Waterford Highlands Trail.

-Burglary and theft of property from 10848 Highway 25. Three drills were stolen ($510).

Jan. 13

-Harassing communications from 1990 10th Avenue.

-Theft of property from the Chesapeake subdivision on County Road 12. Items stolen included a laser beam ($6,500), a sight level ($500) and a pipe saw ($1,000).

-Identity theft from 8137 Highway 31. A credit card was stolen.


Dec. 27

-Criminal Mischief from Highway 219. A door windowpane received $100 damage.

Dec. 28

-Lost Property from unknown location. Involved an LG flip-style cellular phone.

Jan . 2

-Domestic Violence/Criminal Mischief from a Montevallo Villas Apartment. A dining room chair received $50 damage, a bedroom door received $50 damage, a coffee table received $20 damage and a wall with three holes in it received $100 damage.

Jan. 3

-Criminal Mischief from mobile home at 1250 Highway 10. A single-wide 14×60-foot mobile home received damage to the rear side.

-Domestic Violence from an Overland Road Apartment.

Jan. 6

-Complaint Against Estranged Husband in vicinity of Brookside Mobile Home Park.

-Harassment/Harassing Communications from 125 Comanche Street, Apt. 11. Voice.

-Assault from parking lot behind Crowe Village Housing Authority across from the high school football stadium.

Jan. 8

-Theft of Property from Huddle House from Highway 25. Food valued at $17.22 was taken.

-Recovery of stolen utility trailer from parking lot of Montevallo First Baptist Church, Island Street. A large gray utility trailer was recovered.

-Civil Property Dispute from 620 Main Street involved a foosball table.

-Harassment from parking lot in front of Falcon Manor II Apartments.

-Theft of Gasoline from Raceway Service Station. Some 4l.5 gallons of regular unleaded gasoline were taken valued at $10.


– Nothing to report.


Jan. 5

-Criminal Mischief from Randall Lane. A lock was cut off a gate.

Jan. 6

-Theft of Property from Highway 25. Two personal checks were taken.

Jan. 10

-Reckless Endangerment from Robertson Drive.

Jan. 11

-Industrial Accident from S & R Steel from Loose Leaf Lane. An individual fell from the roof of a building.

-Motor Vehicle Accident from Highway 25. Involved a vehicle and a deer.

Jan. 12

-Accident from Dogwood Lane. A forklift overturned on an individual