Student of the Week: Amber Peek

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Amber Peek, a 16-year-old junior at Pelham High School, is Shelby County Reporter Student of the Week.

She is the daughter of Diane and Wallace Peek and has one brother, Austin, age 14. She is also the granddaughter of Betty Smith and Franklin Smith.

Counselor Anthony Darby said Amber was selected for the honor by a team of administrators and counselors.

Others who work with Smith agree.

&8220;She is one of the most conscientious and truly compassionate students I&8217;ve had the pleasure to know. She is extremely self-motivated and hard working,&8221; Spanish teacher Janet Bishop said.

&8220;She is always pleasant, polite and always so positive with everyone. Many times she has told me that she is praying for me, and that means the world to me,&8221; Bishop said.

&8220;Amber Peek is a wonderful student and a great person. She is very involved with the band, but doesn&8217;t let that get in the way of studying to make good grades. She is a very kind, caring person and it is a pleasure to see her in class, always interested in learning,&8221; said Sandra Thompson, science teacher.

&8220;I have worked with Amber for the past two years in First Priority. She is definitely the definition of a humble servant. She is the model of what true Christianity is all about,&8221; art teacher Kim Nall said. &8220;Amber is one of the kindest students that I have ever known. She always helps others, takes a leadership role and is very dependable. Amber would be an excellent recipient for this award.&8221;

&8220;One of my all-time favorite students,&8221; said math teacher Carmen Austin, &8220;Amber puts her all into everything she does. She excelled in my algebra class &8212; often making the highest score on tests &8212; out of all my Algebra classes (not just her class).

&8220;She consistently and conscientiously applies herself to her studies and is a model student. She looks to aid other students in learning material and is a very courteous, classy lady and is active in her very church. She was a member of our Algebra 1 math team &8212; two years ago.&8221;

PHS science teacher Julie Nelson described Amber as a &8220;very gentle person who is always willing to help her peers or teachers.&8221;

She said Amber is respectful, a great musician (in the jazz band as a freshman) and concerned about her academic success.

Amber plays tenor and alto saxophone as well as the clarinet. She said band is her favorite subject.

&8220;I like being able to express myself in playing music,&8221; Amber said.

She said Mrs. Ingram, who taught fifth grade in Helena was her favorite teacher.

&8220;She had a lot enthusiasm and she taught me to love writing and to love learning,&8221; Amber said.

Amber is also a member of First Priority, a Christian club to &8220;tell others about what God has done for us and how he can help us through our high school careers,&8221; she said.

Her musical accomplishments include 20 Honor Bands and All-State awards. And she maintains a 4.0 grade point average.

Amber said she likes to write children&8217;s stories and inspirational stories, which she plans to publish someday.

She also said she likes to collect giraffes, indicative in the fact that her nickname has been Giraffe since the sixth grade.

Amber said her favorite superhero is her little brother, Austin, &8220;because he has so much courage &8212; because even when nobody agrees with him or he stands alone, he has so many big dreams.&8221;

Amber plans to attend Auburn University and wants to eventually become a pediatrician. But she said she also wants to play music on the side.

&8220;I love kids, and I think kids love more than adults do … they have more compassion.&8221;