Drivers license debacle

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The horror stories are endless. Some report having to wait in line for not simply hours, but days on end.

Having a driver&8217;s license is the law. It is essential. And as such, it should not be this hard.

One resident reported bringing his elderly mother to the driver&8217;s license office the first day for four hours, the second day for five hours, the third day for four hours and the fourth day for another four hours and still no driver&8217;s license. Every day they came and waited in line only to be informed that the computer system had shut down and there would be no licenses issued that day.

County officials have tried repeatedly to find solutions to the problems the state is having with its new computer program and staffing.

But to no avail.

They have even gone so far as to offer to purchase equipment which would help them and they plan to provide them additional space in a soon-to-be-built facility in Columbiana.

Everyone&8217;s question &8212; where does the buck stop? The answer &8212; Department of Public Safety Director Mike Coppage.

In seeking some relief for this disastrous situation, we must go to the source. It was the decision of Coppage to implement this new computer system.

Let&8217;s hold him accountable. In the meantime, let&8217;s get on the telephone to our Legislative delegation. A barrage of calls from Shelby County citizens may do the trick; but a barrage of calls from Shelby County legislators could not hurt.

The current system in that office is a mess and something must be done. Only voicing our frustrations to those who can do something about it will accomplish that