Police Reports from January 25, 2006

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Jan. 12

-Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance/Unlawful Possession of MS from Highway 17 at Knox Trailer Park. Recovered were one plastic bag containing marijuana valued at $1, three red pills of unknown type valued at $1, one white Xanax pill valued at $1 and four pipes, used for smoking narcotics, valued at $4.

-Theft of Property from Lot 36 Knights Bridge in Sterling Park. Stolen were two set of Baker&8217;s scaffold and wheels valued at $800, two aluminum walk boards valued at $400 and one aluminum 20-foot extension ladder with HEH marked on it valued at $150.

-Harassing Communications from 1744 D Woodbrook Trail.

-Domestic Dispute – Information Only from 114 Green Briar Trace.

-Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia from Cannon Oil, Highway 31. Recovered were two glass pipes, one with residue and one without, valued at $5.

-Information Only – Recovered Property from Maylene. Recovered were a lady&8217;s wallet valued at $10, two $20 bills U.S. currency valued at $40, an Alabama OLN valued at $5, an Alabama Medicaid Card valued at $1 and two United Health Insurance Cards valued at $2.

Jan. 13

-Theft of Property from 215 Jasmine Drive. Stolen were a Taurus .38 caliber special handgun valued at $200, a large amount of change valued at $400 and two bills of U.S. currency valued at $150.

-Information Only -Custody from 607 3rd St. N.E.

-Trespassing from C & D Tattoo from 210 2nd Place S.W.

-Theft of Property from Dollar General from 513 Highway 119. Stolen were girls animal socks valued at $1; ladies text color socks valued at $4; ladies Disney socks valued at $2; girls animal no show valued at $1; Clorox bleach pen valued at $3 and a pacifier holder valued at $1.50.

-Theft of Gasoline from Murphy Oil. Some 23.866 gallons of gas valued at $52 were taken.

-Theft of Gasoline from Murphy Oil. Some 14.734 gallons of gas valued at $35.06 were taken.

Jan. 14

-Domestic Violence/Harassment from 229 Primrose Drive. Hands.

-Criminal Mischief from 180 Airview Lane. Two double-paned windows received $400 damage.

-Damage to Property (Info Only) from 763 8th Ave. S.W. The rear quarter panel and bumper of a 2000 Buick received $200 damage.

-Theft of Gasoline from Murphy Oil from 560 Colonial Promenade Parkway. Some 13.87 gallons of super unleaded gas valued at $32.71 were taken.

-Animal Complaint from 1308 Applegate Drive.

-Harassment from 850 9th St. N.W.

-Harassment from 850 9th St. N.W.

-Damage to City Property from Auction City.

Jan. 15

-Natural Death from 850 9th St. N.W. Room 173.

-Found Property from Wal-Mart parking lot. A wallet recovered.

-Discharge of a Firearm (Vicious dog) uInfo Only from 1117 King Arthur Court.

-Violation of Leash Lash first offense from 1107 King Arthur Court.

-Info Only – Domestic Dispute from 151 Daisy Lane.

-Assault/Criminal Trespass from 1339 8th St. SW. One metal tire iron was recovered, listed as weapon/tool used in offense.

-Domestic Violence/Harassment from 104 Shalimar Trace.

Jan. 16

-Information Only – Domestic Dispute from 608 12th Ave. S.W.

-Criminal Mischief/Possible Arson from new construction building across from Wizard of Odds on Kent Dairy Road. Sheet rock, walls and insulation received $200 damage.

-Theft of Property from 1805 Woodbrook Trail. Taken was a Motorola V180 cell phone valued at $100 was taken.

-Theft of Gasoline from Murphy Oil from 560 Colonial Promenade Boulevard. Taken were 13.37 gallons of gas valued at $31.82.

Jan. 17

-Illegal Possession or Fraudulent Use of a Credit or Debit Card from 558 Treymoor Lake Circle.

-Domestic Violence – Menacing from 168 Grove Hill Drive.


Jan. 15

-Leaving the scene of an accident from the Wal-Mart Supercenter. A 2003 Honda Accord was damaged ($2,500).

-Miscellaneous information from the Rite Aide Pharmacy at 1928 Pelham Parkway.

-Unlawful possession of a controlled substance and driving under the influence from Pelham Parkway at Truman Fancher.

-Unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia from the Publix Supermarket pharmacy at 1944 Montgomery Highway.

-Theft of property from an unknown location. Various medications were stolen.

-Driving under the influence from Interstate 65.

-Property damage from Interstate 65. A 2001 Chevrolet Malibu was damaged ($1,500).

-Two counts of assault from Oak Mountain State Park.

Jan. 16

-Miscellaneous information from the Pelham Police Department firearms range.

-Cruelty to animals from the Oak Mountain State Park stables.

-Harassment from Shape Xpress at 2145 Pelham Parkway.

-Property damage from State Park Road. A 2003 Toyota Tundra was damaged ($400).

-Miscellaneous information and found property from the Ramada Limited hotel at 113 Cahaba Valley Park East.

-Criminal mischief from Goforth Homes at 2820 Pelham Parkway. A front door was damaged ($200).

-Domestic violence from an undisclosed location.

Jan. 17

-Theft of property and giving false information to an officer from the Wal-Mart Supercenter at 2181 Pelham Parkway. A television was stolen and recovered ($297).

-Theft of property from the Home Depot at 3191 Pelham Parkway. A paint sprayer was stolen ($1,000).

-Unexplained lost property from Oak Mountain Bowling Lanes. A cellular phone was lost ($200).

Jan. 18

-Theft of property from Goforth Homes at 2820 Pelham Parkway. Five pieces of furniture were stolen ($1,125).

-Theft from Replays at 2957 Pelham Parkway. $125 in cash was stolen.

-Theft of property from the Holiday Inn Express hotel at 260 Cahaba Valley Road. A 2006 Chevrolet Silverado was stolen ($35,000).

-Harassing communications from 2508 Elizabeth Drive.

Jan. 19

-Harassing communications from 3140 Pelham Parkway.

-Disorderly conduct from classroom 104 at Pelham High School.

-Criminal mischief from 2267 Richmond Circle.

-Theft of property from 2181 Pelham Parkway. A car stereo was stolen ($88).

-Leaving the scene of an accident from Pelham Plaza. A 2005 Mercury Marquee was damaged ($300).

-Theft of property from Oak Mountain Service Center at 2308 Pelham Parkway. A cellular phone was stolen ($200).

-Harassment from Fairview Heating and Air Conditioning at 140 Applegate Circle.

-Unlawful breaking and entering from Alan&8217;s Food Mart. Two chainsaws were stolen ($1,168).

-Improper lane usage and driving under the influence from County Road 33 at Hidden Creek Parkway.

Jan. 20

-Animal complaint from Canyon Park Drive.

-Outside agency assist from 80 Commerce Drive.

-Unlawful breaking and entering from 132 Oaklyn Hill Drive in Chelsea. A radar detector ($100) and a satellite radio receiver ($125) were stolen.

-Property damage from Highway 119. A 2002 Nissan Maxima was damaged ($200).

-Unlawful possession of a controlled substance from the IHOP Restaurant.

-Theft of property from Sherman Ready Mix at 716 Industrial Park Drive. Three starters were stolen ($675).

-Unlawful possession of a controlled substance and a minor in possession of alcohol from Pelham Parkway at the old Wal-Mart Supercenter.

-Miscellaneous information from the lower parking lot at Pelham High School.

-Suicide attempt from Valleyview Drive.

-Outside agency assist from 3260 Pelham Parkway.

-Driving under the influence from Pelham Parkway at Industrial Park Drive.


Jan. 13

-Safe streets act from Highway 95 at Old Dearing Road.

-Public intoxication and criminal mischief from 234 Hickory Point Lane.

-Harassing communications from the BP service station Coosa Mart.

-Negotiating with a worthless negotiable bond from Highway 52 at Alabama Small Boats.

-Safe streets and failure to appear from Highway 261 at the Helena post office.

Jan. 14

-Negotiating with a worthless negotiable bond from Highway 17 at the Winn Dixie supermarket.

-Negotiating with a worthless negotiable bond from Highway 17 at the Publix Supermarket.

-Safe streets act from Highway 17 at Sunnybrook.

Jan. 15

-Driving under the influence and carrying a concealed weapon from 816 Highway 52.

-Safe streets act from Highway 52 at the Golden Rule Restaurant.

-Criminal mischief from 7537 Spencer Lane. A mailbox ($40) and three panels were damaged ($30).

-Domestic violence from 304 Hillsborough Lane.

Jan. 16

-Incident from 8036 Rockhampton Circle.

-Domestic violence from 1003 Hillsboro Lane.


Jan. 10

-Unlawful Possession of Marijuana/Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia from the 300 block of Highway 70.

Jan. 11

-Unauthorized use of a vehicle from the 100 block of Industrial Parkway. Involved a 1996 Chevrolet Silverado.

-Theft of Property from the 200 block of East College Street. Some 13.918 gallons of gas valued at $2.29 per gallon totaling $32 were taken.

-Theft of Property from the 300 block of Highway 70. Stolen were a black fabric billfold valued at $150, a checkbook on a First National Bank valued at $20; and Alabama Driver&8217;s License valued at $25; five $100 bills valued at $500, a Medicare Complete Insurance Card valued at $5, an insurance card valued at $1, a J. Jill debit/credit card, Banana Republic and J.C. Penny, valued at $3.

-Burglary from the 100 block of Collins Street. Some $250 in U.S. currency was taken.

Jan. 12

-Theft of property from the 1000 block of Ferry Road. Stolen were ladders valued at $400, a quartz light valued at $40, a pick, shovel and miscellaneous tools valued at $200 and a Dewalt Drill valued at $125.

Jan. 17

-Theft of Property from the 200 block of Joinertown Road. Stolen were a Social Security Card, two credit cards (Master Card and Visa), a driver&8217;s license, student I.D., one Sony CD Player (walkman style) valued at $21 and $20 cash.


Jan. 18

-Property Damage from Highway 280 West. A Chevrolet Cavalier front, fenders, windshield, hood etc. were damaged.


Jan. 18

-Lost property from the Calera Post Office. Items lost included a purse, $120 in cash and various medications.

-Animal complaint from the 1400 block of 5th Avenue.

-Theft of property from the Wal-Mart Supercenter from 5100 Highway 31. $921.54 in cash and a drivers license was stolen.s

Jan. 19

-Animal complaint from 189 Cove Landing.

-Forgery of two checks from the Wal-Mart Supercenter.

-Identity theft from 416 Waterford Drive.

-Theft of property from the Days Inn Hotel. $100 in cash was stolen.

-Identity theft from the Bellsouth/Cingular Wireless Store.

-Reckless driving from Interstate 65 South.

-Obstruction of justice with false identification from the 1800 block of 22nd Avenue.

-Incident from 261 Everine Drive.

Jan. 20

-Harassment from the Calera Housing Authority on 9th Avenue.

-Property damage from Highway 31 at Interstate 65. A 1993 Nissan Altima was damaged ($250).

-Theft of property from Highview Lane. A generator was stolen ($800).


Jan. 8

-Criminal Mischief from Stephens Park, County Road 10. Two complete glass windows were broken receiving $400 damage.

-Found Property from a car wash on Highway 25. Found were a set of keys on a key chain.

Jan. 9

-Recovery of Drug Paraphernalia from Hicks Street. A brown and gold (glass) pipe was recovered.

-Domestic Violence. One Motorola Nextel phone received $250 damage.

Jan. 10

-Possession of Controlled Substance from County Road 17/County Road 22. Two small pieces of suspected cocaine were recovered.

-Theft of Property from an unknown location inside the city limits. Taken were AmSouth checks.

-Criminal Littering from yard of 24 New Hope Drive.

-Lost Property from unknown location inside the city limits. Lost was an Alabama tag.

-Breaking and Entering Motor Vehicle from 103 Shaw Villa. Taken were a factory CD player stereo radio valued at $400 and a case of 45 CDs valued at $500.

Jan. 11

-Forgery from Baker Foods Inc. from Piggly Wiggly Store, Highway 25. Recovered were three counterfeit $5 U.S. bills and one counterfeit $10 U.S. bill.

-Theft of Property from Cobblestone Cove Apartments. Stolen were personal belongings including clothes, shoes, make-up and toiletries.

Jan. 12

-Criminal Mischief from Vines Street. Involved was a glass window on a building.

Jan. 13

-Lost Property from possibly the area of Samford Street. Lost were an Alabama driver&8217;s license, a state of Alabama I.D. card valued at $22, U.S. currency of $215, birth certificates, Social Security cards, a SIM chip for a cell phone valued at $28, a Medicaid Insurance Card and a wallet.


-Nothing to report.


Jan. 13

-Assault from Fleming Road.

Jan. 16

-Private Property Motor Vehicle Accident from Fire Station. Involved a 1987 Grumman Fire Truck and two pieces of glass window at the Fire Station