Future is bright for Alabaster

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 7, 2006

For a glimpse of the tremendous potential available to

the municipalities of Shelby County, look no further than Alabaster.

The city continues to grow by leaps and bounds economically.

Mayor David Frings reported recently that sales tax revenues through January were $1.2 million and that to date, they total $3.5 million.

Compared to 2000, just six years ago, total sales tax revenues were $3 million for the whole year.

Also, to date, business license revenues are $1.4 million when for all of 2005, the total was $1.6 million.

In addition to the development of a huge retail shopping center with a second on the way. Alabaster has now turned its eyes toward attracting national flag hotel such as Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn or Wingate Inn.

This development will help keep visitors in the city to spend their money at restaurants, to shop at retail stores and to buy fuel.

Alabaster is also looking for ways to improve its schools. A recent study recommends the city stay a part of the county school system but earmark funds for Alabaster schools and seek some control of those schools through a Board of Trustees.

It looks to us like Alabaster is on the fast track for economic success in Shelby County