Letters to the editor for Feburary 8, 2006

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Dear Editor,

I want to address the problems directed at the lack of concern and love for the lost souls called the mentally retarded.

Since my mother-in-law died in 1998 I have been caring for her 54-year-old son, Edward. A precious soul whom I know has hundreds friends out there that know him by his CB handle, &8220;mini bike rider.&8221;

For many years he was over-looked by police (out of their compassion) and allowed to ride the streets on his moped, which was his entire lifeline to the world.

Recently the police could no longer look the other way and allow this to continue as our area has changed and has become a much more dangerous place for this activity. I&8217;m not writing to complain about the Pelham Police Department doing their jobs but to complain about the states lack of concern for people like Edward.

We have every organization imaginable for the shut-ins and senior citizens but not to address the issues of those precious souls labeled retarded.

I&8217;ve called churches and government agencies to no avail.

It is my hope to move out of the city some day but for now I&8217;m asking anyone with some pull and money to back an organization that would address the needs for the socialization of these angels so easily forgotten.

God has not forgotten Edward as I can see his image in his peaceful eyes. Pray and ask God for the answer to this terrible injustice.

Debra Milton