Student of the Week: Darquavious DQ Swann

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Darquavious &8220;DQ&8221; Swann, an 11-year-old fifth grader at Shelby Elementary is Shelby County Reporter Student of the Week.

Shelby Elementary principal Karen Mitchell said DQ was selected from teacher nominations.

&8220;Darquavious Swann, or &8216;DQ&8217; as he is known at Shelby Elementary, is a model student. He has made A honor roll throughout the year and is a leader in all areas, Mitchell said.

&8220;Whether he is serving on safety patrol or reading with first graders, he&8217;s always respectful and dependable. He always tries his best in everything he does.

&8220;He stands out among his peers and sets a good example for other students by always having a positive attitude and working cooperatively with others,&8221; Mitchell said.

DQ is the son of Netta and Amos Franklin. He has two brothers and one sister, Darico, 12, Derrion, 8, and Kiyah, 6, Swann.

He said math is his favorite subject in school, &8220;because I&8217;m pretty good at it.&8221; He likes multiplications because, &8220;It&8217;s kind of challenging for me.&8221;

DQ said his favorite teacher is fifth grade teacher Leslie Mann.

&8220;She&8217;s sweet and kind. She helps me in cursive writing. She makes the subject fun,&8221; he said.

In addition to making A honor roll, DQ has won band and reading medals and Shelby Stars for doing well in school.

And he said he likes to play basketball, baseball and video games and to ride his bike.

DQ said his favorite superheroes are his mom and dad, Netta and Amos Franklin, and grandmother, Iretta Swann.

He said he chose them because, &8220;They help me at hard times.&8221;

When DQ grows up, he said he wants to play professional basketball, &8220;because its fun and because my dad used to do it.&8221;

He also said one could become &8220;really famous&8221; by playing basketball.

DQ said of his basketball skills, &8220;I&8217;m not a good ball handler, but I&8217;m a pretty good shooter.&8221;

He also said he wants to go to college at the University of Alabama