City expected to turn assets over to water board

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Montevallo City Council was expected to discuss turning all water and sewer assets over to the city&8217;s Water and Sewer Board Tuesday night.

At Monday night&8217;s regular meeting of City Council, the council recessed to meet again after presstime Tuesday to address that matter.

The council was expected to meet with representatives of the Water Board to discuss an agreement that would accomplish that goal.

As the meeting was an extension of the council&8217;s regular Monday night meeting, action could be taken.

The changeover, according to City Attorney Steve R. Sears, would also involve payments from the Water Board to the city.

Fire Chief Bill Reid blasted the public for its treatment of the mayor at council meetings.

In a prepared statement Reid said, &8220;I address this to whomever it may concern. The mayor was elected by the majority of citizens of Montevallo to govern and direct the operations of this city for four years.

&8220;I am appalled and upset by the rudeness and disrespect some people have shown toward the mayor during the proceeds of these formal city meetings. It&8217;s time to put to rest the dead issues and move on in a positive direction.&8221;

Mayor Sharon Anderson said, &8220;I want to serve every citizen and was elected by every citizen if not by every voter.&8221;

She said hopefully the city could move forward in a positive direction.

However, before comments began, Anderson said it was suggested that comments from the public be limited to three minutes and to one subject.

Reid also took exception to a comment by Councilmember Greg Pendleton.

He quoted Pendleton saying, &8220;How can the city prove that any individual within the fire or other department are not stealing city fuel to use on their farms or for other personal use?&8221;

He said he took that as a direct attack on his integrity and that of members of the Montevallo Fire and Rescue Services who willingly donate their time and energy to serve the community.

Pendleton said the comment was only a hypothetical to address an accountability issue the city needs to get a handle on. He said there was no allegation made.

&8220;I apologize,&8221; said Pendleton. &8220;I personally appreciate all the firemen do for the city of Montevallo.&8221;

In other matters, Reid reported that a new fire truck for the city with a 103-foot platform did not meet city specifications.

It is too tall for the fire station. However, Reid said, the company that built the truck would bear the expense of renovating the fire station to fit the truck.

He said renovations would include raising door heights and notching support beams.

Reid said the truck is already two to three months late in being delivered.

Following a public hearing in which there was no objection, the council approved a change in the definition of dwelling, single-family to read, &8220;a building 1,100 square feet or more in size.&8221;

The council also approved the annexation of property at 5 County Hills Road belonging to Marilyn Jean Owens.

And it was noted that a report would be presented at the next meeting concerning the issue of burn permits