Columbiana can protect new look

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The city of Columbiana made a significant investment when it embarked on a downtown revitalization project just a few short years ago.

Now, city leaders and the business community are in a position to protect that investment.

At the last regular council meeting, Mayor Allen Lowe passed out a letter from the Columbiana Merchants and Professionals Association requesting new guidelines to regulate architecture, landscaping and remodeling of commercial buildings inside the city limits.

Lowe echoed the concerns of the association which played an integral role in the renovations of the city&8217;s commercial district.

There are currently no regulations or guidelines in place to direct new construction or remodeling projects.

That means no one has control over the look of exterior buildings, landscaping or roof lines.

The recent downtown renovations went a long way toward preserving Columbiana&8217;s historic Main Street while ushering the city into a more modern, visitor-friendly destination.

It only makes sense to preserve those contributions and ensure similar success for future progress.

City leaders not only have the right, they&8217;ve got the responsibility to make sure the city grows in a manner beneficial to its future and the future of its citizens