The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from Feb. 3-9.

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 14, 2006

-Daniel Eugene Shirley, 26, of Chelsea and Becky Lynn Smith, 22, of Chelsea.

-Christopher Shannon Ballard, 40, of Montevallo and Laura Lynn Maloy, 40, of Montevallo.

-Raymond Charles Smith, 70, of Shelby and Martha Walton Moody, 64, of Shelby.

-Tim Trent Straugn, 47, of Helena and Debbie Jane Linke, 37, of Helena.

-Jeffrey Christian Burkle, 28, of Pelham and Erica Lynn Underwood, 30, of Vestavia Hills.

-Barry Newman Latham, 37, of Calera and Heidi Allison Bailey, 38, of Calera.

-Charles Alan Ballard, 49, of Jemison and Candy Carlisle Setzer, 49, of Shelby.

-Joshua Connell Beane, 20, of Columbiana and Lora Michelle Degginer, 18, of Columbiana.

-George Anderson Blinn, 78, of Chelsea and Patricia Hill Thuss, 72, of Birmingham.

-Christopher Wade Dale, 22, of Jemison and Brittany Jo Smitherman, 18, of Shelby.

-Jimmy Dale Bloodworth, 51, of Pelham and Annie Clark Carpenter, 39, of Pelham.

-Fred Joe Boone, 68, of Birmingham and Martha Sue Felton, 63, of Pelham.

-Ken Wade Matherson, 45, of Alabaster and Bobbi Holtzman Brown, 44, of Alabaster