Resident takes exception, mayor offers olive branch

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 28, 2006

While Richard W. Thames took exception to what he said were recent assertions and allegations by the mayor and some members of Montevallo City Council, Montevallo Mayor Sharon Anderson offered an olive branch to citizens who disagree with her Monday night.

The council also discussed putting guidelines on pubic comments in writing and addressing issues facing the Planning and Zoning Board during the interim of a comprehensive planning process.

Thames rejected what he called assertions and allegations that Citizens for Montevallo are a &8220;small group of trouble makers.&8221; He also rejected the description of himself and other members of the group as &8220;dissidents or members of a clique or cliques.&8221;

Thames said, &8220;…regardless of personalities or properties under consideration for development, we are a group of individuals who have nothing (at heart) other than the best interest of this town and its citizens.&8221;

Thames credited the mayor for attending meetings of the group, &8220;But,&8221; he said, &8220;regardless of any and all input from these experts, the mayor has seen fit to reject the concerns, warnings and predictions of the consequences arising from uncontrolled and unrestricted housing development.&8221;

Anderson responded, &8220;We are holding public meeting to decide where Montevallo should go on growth.&8221;

While she said, &8220;You certainly have the right to speak,&8221; she said, &8220;I would like to see our group come together.&8221;

She also told Thames that she did not agree with all that he said.

Anderson called for the stopping of &8220;name calling and attacks&8221; and getting

back to the job of making Montevallo &8220;a nice place to live.&8221;

She also invited concerned citizens to visit with her.

Councilmember Hollie Cost noted that there was no official policy for time limit on citizens&8217; comments and suggested that be placed on the agenda for the next council meeting to put something in writing.

She also raised questions about clearing of trees from property. She said the issue needed to be addressed before anyone clears anymore land.&8221;

Councilmember Becky Cox Rodgers called for a full-time planner. She said a building inspector is responsible only from the slab up of a building.

Councilmember Greg Pendleton said, &8220;What we need is more precision in our rules and enforcement…&8221;

In other matters the council approved a fire and emergency services agreement with the town of Wilton for $400 per month for fire protection and $125 per month form emergency medical services.

In the event of a simultaneous fire in Montevallo, the Montevallo fire would have first priority.

The council also approved back payments for a former employee of the city totaling $13,451.38