Letters to the Editor for March 8, 2006

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

The Catholic Priest who is angry at Alabama Attorney General Troy King for not prosecuting the people who got the 100 12-to-16 year old Alabama teens pregnant last year, and therefore are rapists, needs to understand that Mr. King is bound by federal law and therefore has no right to do what the priest is asking of him.

In carefully reading US S3 of 2003, which was renamed as the &8220;Late Term Abortion Limitation Act of 2003,&8221; I find that the law clearly provides for the identity of any woman who has an abortion done with the procedure to be kept confidential.

This is why Troy King is helpless in finding out any information on abortions done on underage children.

The Durbin Amendment to S3 provides an exception to save the life of the woman and provides for &8220;confidentiality.&8221;

No one can legally find out when, or upon whom, the procedure is used.

This makes doctors free to use this abortion procedure on any abortion they perform.

When John Ashcroft tried to get medical records for thousands of abortions in California, in order to determine if the use of the procedure was within the guidelines of the law, he was unable to do so.

That was due to the limitations of the confidentiality provisions in the law, and per the Durbin Amendment.

This procedure is the only safe abortion procedure that protects both health and life of the woman. This procedure allows for killing outside of the womb.

Before the Late Term Abortion Limitation Act, abortions used to be performed within the woman’s womb.

Many women bled to death with a punctured uterus, or suffered other complications such as sterility.

If the US Supreme Court preserves S3, they rule in favor of the health and life of the woman and in sealing medical records, while protecting rapist of underage children and allowing them to go free without punishment for their crime.

For the citizens to change this we must elect new a new Congress, both House and Senate who are truly pro-life and who will protect underage children from rapists.

Ms. Robbie R. Kidwell


Dear editor,

From time to time we receive warnings from the government.

Each winter we hear warnings about the flu, and in the past few years we have received warnings about the bird flu coming to us from Asia.

During the summer months we are warned to protect ourselves from mosquitos and lime disease.

We receive terrorist warnings from Washington about potential dangers from outside the United States.

When are we going to get a system to warn us about our local city government?

Well, here&8217;s just a little warning.

If you live on or near Hwy 280, south of Hwy 119, you need to make sure you attend all of your city council and planning commission meetings. This won&8217;t always get you what you want, but at least you will be informed about what is about to get shoved down your throat.

Property on Hwy 280 is at an all time premium.

If you own any property located on Hwy 280, then you need to get up to date on what your city government is doing.

If you sit back and wait then you might just have a Twin Drive-in Theater in your front yard.

The location of this drive-in theater has the potential of being a hazard to the safety of drivers on Hwy 280. If your mayor and your city councilman tell you that they will support you when it comes to the city council, then you had better check out their voting record.

Not voting or abstaining is not supporting you.

Shelby County is growing at an alarming rate, and Hwy 280 is the main gateway to this growth.

We all need to stay up to date on what&8217;s happening and make sure this growth is what we really want and need. Everyone&8217;s health and safety should be the first and most important part of growth and progress.

Janice Edwards

Shelby County

Dear editor,

I pray that God will stir up the pastors in Alabama to support Judge Roy Moore.

The civil rights movement succeeded because of the passion and unity of the black pastors, and as noble as that movement was, what Judge Moore represents is even more important. A nation&8217;s right to acknowledge Almighty God.

More than any other factor, the dullness and cowardice of the pastors in Montgomery prevented the movement of the summer of 2003 from becoming a national revival. God grant these and others hearts to repent of this betrayal and the strength to stand for the truth they were called to uphold.

Mike Sutton

Dallas, Tex