Church Focus: Cahaba Valley Church

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cahaba Valley Church is finding other way to communicate with people besides the pulpit. From online audio recordings of sermons to weekly blogs and podcasts, CVC is reaching out to the community in unprecedented ways.

The church currently has around 100 regular attendees and is led by pastor Robert Montgomery. Tess Varner serves as the minister of youth and Laurau Culter serves as the children and family minister.

Cahaba Valley Church was founded in 1973 as Cahaba Valley Church of Christ.

Since then, the name has been changed but the mission of the church has remained the same.

&8220;Christian freedom bears with it a responsibility, for it is also the freedom to leave behind the barriers and walls that human beings create among and between each other out of fear, hostility and prejudice,&8221; the church&8217;s website reads.

&8220;We believe that Christians are called to be peacemakers in the world, seeking and welcoming relationships with people in service to Jesus, who seeks to bring all people together with him in relationships of faith and love.&8221;

For young adults the church offers a program called LIFEgroup, which is comprised of the 7 to 12 graders. The group is largely student-led and is overseen by the elders and deacons and the LIFEgroup minister. LIFEgroup activities include, but are not limited to:

service projects, mission trips, camps, retreats, various Sunday and Wednesday night hangouts and Sunday school.

Contact information:

Phone – (205) 991-5226

E-mail –

5199 Caldwell Mill Rd

Birmingham, AL

Website – www.cahabavalley.or