Student of the Week: Reagen Frantz

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Reagen Frantz, a 7 1/2 year-old first grader at Helena Elementary School is Shelby County Reporter Student of the Week.

Helena Elementary Principal Mary Cooper selected her for the honor.

&8220;Reagen Frantz is a kind, thoughtful, empathetic young lady. She takes the initiative to help others, and she is a loyal friend,&8221; Cooper said. &8220;Reagen is a bright girl who enjoys learning and takes learning seriously. She also possesses a good dense of humor and energy typical of first graders everywhere. Reagen dazzles her teachers.

&8220;Reagen gives 110 percent in everything she does whether it&8217;s being a friend or a student.&8221;

Reagen is the daughter of Heather and John Waldron and Kyle Frantz.

Her mother is a kindergarten teacher at Helena Intermediate.

She has a brother, Jason Waldron, and three sisters, Jessica Waldron, Molly Waldron and Abby Frantz.

Reagen said her favorite subject in school is art because, &8220;I like drawing things … cats and dogs … a lot of animals.&8221;

She said her favorite teacher is her first grade teacher Michelle Martin because, &8220;She&8217;s really nice.&8221;

Reagen added that she also likes Martin because of Friday Centers.

&8220;We get to do free draw, read and go to the library, play on the computer and write on the white board.&8221;

Reagen received a medal for a poem she wrote. She plays softball and soccer and enjoys baton. She has two dogs named Sadie and Naven and a cat named Oscar. She said she likes to swim and go fishing with her grandfather.

Her favorite superhero is Mrs. Incredible.

&8220;She can stretch as far as she wants to. If I was her I could reach anything,&8221; Reagen said. &8220;If I was sitting in my car and dropped my pencil, I could just reach down and get it.&8221;

Reagen said she wants to become a teacher when she grows up, &8220;Because I like to be around other people and I like to teach stuff … math and science.&8221;

She said she would like to teach seventh grade because that&8217;s the grade one of her sisters is in.

As to college, Reagen is going to Alabama.

&8220;I think Alabama is a really good college. That&8217;s where my &8216;stepdaddy&8217; went.&8221;