Let it grow: Pot sizes 101 – just a quick education

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A pot that measures six inches across the topmost outer diameter is a six inch pot right?

This is a &8220;maybe&8221; question with a &8220;maybe&8221; answer.

For the sake of argument, let&8217;s take the six inch size terra cotta pots into account.

If you buy a six-inch standard pot, it will usually measure 6.25 inches by 5.5 inches.

On the other hand, if you buy a six inch rose pot, it should measure 6.5 inches by 7.5 inches and will hold more soil than the standard pot.

One would use the rose pots for deeper rooted plants, such as roses and thymes and other plants that tend to get root rot from being overcrowded.

If you buy a six inch azalea pot, it should measure about 6.25 inches by 4.25 inches.

Compare that to the six inch bulb pan which measures around 6.62 inches by 4.25 inches or the bonsai/cactus pan which measures about 6.62 inches by 3.25 inches.

The point of all this pot education is that you should choose the right container for the right plant or vice-versa.

Always consider these things:

uHow long will you leave the plant in that pot?

uHow much room will the plant&8217;s roots need in the bottom of the pot to prevent root rot or drying out too soon?

uIs the plant, at maturity, going to outgrow the pot too soon?

uOr will the pot be too large to induce a more rapid growth? Some plants like for their roots to touch the bottom and sides of the pot before they put on upward growth.

Another thing to consider about pot size is whether you&8217;re getting what you pay for.

Make sure you are getting the pot size advertised.

If a 10-inch hanging basket that is advertised is only a shallow nine-inch basket priced cheap, well, you get what you pay for and that may not be the best value.

Whichever plants you choose, consider the pot sizes.

Read the tags in the plant pots.

They provide a lot of information about sun and water requirements, as well as, maturity size and the plant&8217;s hardiness.

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