Student of the Week: Meredith Trimble

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Meredith Trimble, a 9-year-old third grade student at Creek View Elementary, is Shelby County Reporter Student of the Week.

Creek View Principal Mary Wyatt selected her for the honor.

&8220;Meredith is an outstanding young lady. She is adored by her classmates because of her kindness to others and sweet spirit,&8221; Wyatt said. &8220;She is an excellent student academically and especially loves math.&8221;

&8220;Meredith consistently stands out from the crowd because she is a very responsible and beautiful child who is the epitome of an excellent student,&8221; she said.

Meredith is the daughter of Amy and Clay Trimble.

She said she likes math best because she likes solving problems. And she said she likes multiplications because she is &8220;good at that.&8221;

Beverly Savage, her third grade teacher, is her favorite, she said, because, &8220;She&8217;s nice. And a lot of people said she was strict, but she&8217;s not.&8221;

Meredith has been recognized as a Responsible Bus Rider. She is a Cub singer in the school choir and received a medal for singing.

She enjoys playing with her friends, riding her push scooter and &8220;playing&8221; school.

She also said she enjoys gymnastics and is taking tennis lessons.

When asked her favorite superhero, Meredith said, &8220;I look up to a lot of people&8221; including her mother and father and a lot of her friends.

When she grows up, Meredith said she is not sure whether she wants to be a doctor or a schoolteacher.

Her mother is a nurse at Thompson Intermediate School and her dad works in the operating room as a nurse at UAB Hospital.

But she said she also loves a lot of school stuff, and said, &8220;I&8217;d like to be a special education aide.&8221;

She explained that one of her friends is in special education.

As to college … Meredith said she wants to go to Georgia because, &8220;I&8217;m a big Georgia fan.&8221;