Sidewalk improvement plan unveiled

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Columbiana Mayor Allan Lowe unveiled his sidewalk improvement plan during a Coffee with the Mayor at City Hall last Thursday.

Lowe told those gathered that phase one would include the repair of existing sidewalks.

He said the city would also be working to secure rights-of-way to widen existing sidewalks where possible.

Some sidewalk improvements, however, might depend on the condition of the sewer, he said.

The mayor said the city did not want to put new sidewalks over bad sewers.

In those cases, he said, the city would make sewer repairs first.

Previously Lowe said, &8220;I would like for us to create a route &8212; a short route and a long route &8212; around the city and have it be interconnected so you could take a walking tour of Columbiana.&8221;

In addition to making Columbiana a more attractive destination, city leaders also stressed the added safety of sidewalks, especially near Columbiana Middle School and assisted living facilities.

Residents also suggested that sidewalks connect traffic areas of the city such as Columbiana Middle School, Davis Plaza and a proposed apartment complex for residents, 55 and older, on Egg and Butter Road

Lowe said the short-range phase would connect high traffic areas of the city such as the post office, stores and schools.

Long-range plans include the completion of sidewalks to more distant locations.

Lowe said the city received $100,000 for the project from U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus and discussions are in the works for additional funding during fiscal year 2007.

He said now that the city&8217;s priorities have been listed, engineers would be able to come up with a cost.

The short-range sidewalk list includes County Road 47, Pitts Drive, Washington Street, Goodwin Street, East Sterrett Street, Walton Street, Joiner Town Road, West College Street, Old Highway 25, Highway 25 and Highway 70.

Long-range sidewalk plans include Highway 70, Egg and Butter Road, Looney Road, Water Works Street, East College Street, Arlington Avenue, Myrtle Street, County Highway 30 and County Highway 47