Montevallo looks into public speaking policy

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Montevallo City Council has asked City Attorney Steven R. Sears to examine a portion of a possible public speaking policy.

Councilmember Becky Cox Rodgers questioned the portion of a policy being considered Monday night regarding the mayor&8217;s ability to order security personnel to escort a person who persists in disturbing the meeting from the building.

The council previously asked City Clerk Carey Thompson to come up with a written public speaking policy.

Mayor Sharon Anderson said the removal of citizens from meetings is &8220;not something we would wish to do.&8221;

In another matter the council voted to use the architectural and engineering firm of Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood Inc. on an interim basis while the city considers creating the position of an engineer/city manager.

The firm was hired by the city for a grant funded sidewalk and will be used for other projects on an individual job basis.

Anderson said she felt the city could continue to move forward with a land disturbance ordinance.

The council approved recommendations of an ad hoc committee regarding a hiking trail that would connect Orr and Stephens Parks with the exception of a section regarding the acquisition of future right-of-ways.

The council added a provision that all actions must be ratified by the City Council and that no work can be done and no city equipment used without right-of-way.

Anderson said the hiking trail is one of the most exciting things going on in the city and &8220;a very positive thing.&8221;

Patrick Draper was nominated to the Montevallo Historical Commission.

And Historical Commission Chairman Ben McCrory asked the council to consider a resolution to designate the University of Montevallo National Historic District as a Montevallo Historic District, as well.

He said grant requests would be looked upon more favorably by the State Historical Association and the National Historical Association.

That resolution was introduced.

McCrory also asked that the city change the date on a sign and the city seal from the incorporated date of 1848 to the established date of 1821.

Sears said the town&8217;s name was changed from Wilson&8217;s Hill to Montevallo in 1826. And Anderson asked that further study be done on the date change.

The council approved a fuel environmental monitoring system and a key system at a cost of $9,000 for better fuel accountability.

And the council approved the purchase of a tractor at a cost of $30,000