Slower speed limit worth it

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 27, 2006

There are few people more excited about the expansion of Interstate 65 through Shelby County then myself.

As a daily commuter from Homewood, I&8217;m grateful for every minute that I don&8217;t have to spend in my car.

But with the positive every road construction project comes the inevitable delays created by closed lanes, slower speed limits and miles of orange cone corridors.

It&8217;s hard for people just passing through to understand the importance of widening a high-capacity road that is supporting more commuters every week. But for those of us who use I-65 regularly, the temporary delays will hopefully result in some much needed breathing room on our state&8217;s main road.

The current road construction taking place between Interstate 459 and Valleydale Road has knocked speed limits down to 55 miles per hour and decreased the road width to two lanes art some points.

Workers in that area are doing their job dangerously close to the open lanes, with cars and trucks zipping by only feet from them.

I&8217;ll be the first to admit that it&8217;s hard for me when I&8217;m on my way home from along day at the office to slow down from 70 to 55 miles per hour.

What we seem to forget is that there are a number of husbands and wives working in the construction zones who, just like us, would like to be at home.

When the speed limits drop on more area of I-65, let&8217;s try to remember that while we&8217;re going to be driving slower for a few months, the results from these road projects will hopefully decrease the stress of traffic on the road.

How many times do we find ourselves driving 55 in a 70 mile per hour zone because of traffic?

Remember to drive safely and respect the speed limits. Coping with the inevitable slowdowns of construction is well worth it when you consider the alternatives to a wider interstate