Spring games give hint of coming year

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 2, 2006

It&8217;s the moment that every high school football fan has waited for since last season&8217;s end.

It&8217;s the moment when, for a short time, we&8217;re reminded of the chilly nights under the lights at local high school football games.

Spring football games are coming up fast as the school year winds down.

A number of Shelby County teams will dress and take the field over the next few weeks to play games that have little importance unless you&8217;re a coach or player.

For coaches, spring games can be an excellent time to feel out where their squad stands going into the off-season. They can play their entire bench and try players out at different positions to see where they fit best.

For new coaches, of which Shelby County has five this season, these games are an excellent tool for examining how players respond to a certain coaching style and how well they mesh with their new leaders.

For the players, it&8217;s their chance to prove to the coaching staff how valuable they will be in the coming football season. Second stringers and JV players are given the chance to show just how ready they are to play at the varsity level.

A number of teams will be playing their spring games at home this year, giving the fans an opportunity to enjoy a little off-season gridiron action.

Oak Mountain, Pelham, Briarwood, Shelby County, Chelsea and Vincent will be among those schools hosting a spring game.

For Oak Mountain, it&8217;s a chance to begin another long run toward the state playoffs.

For Pelham, it&8217;s a chance to improve on a good season that ended all-too early in the first round of the postseason.

For Briarwood, it&8217;s a chance at redemption after being knocked out by rival Benjamin-Russell in the playoffs last year.

And for Shelby County, Chelsea and Vincent, the spring games mark a new start in new regions and a new class for the Hornets.

I hope you enjoy heading out to the football stadium these next few weekends to get a sneak peak of 2006