County tax revenues come in over projections

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 9, 2006

At mid-year, Shelby County&8217;s budget looks good, county officials announced Monday.

The mid-year analysis information was provided by County Manager Alex Dudchock and County Finance Manager Butch Burbage.

The two told county commissioners on Monday that almost all mid year taxes have come in over forecast amounts with the exception of the grneral property tax.

Also at the mid-year point, all departments are below budget on expenses.

Sales tax revenue came in at some $6.95 million, more than $1 million over a projected $5.22 million; tobacco tax at $249,864 over a projected $194,250; lodging tax at $799,464 over a projected $682,953; and rental tax at some $1.2 million over a projected $936,250.

General property tax revenues was projected to be some $9.42 million but has come in at the mid-year mark at only some $9.26 million. Revenues from motor vehicle taxes was projected at $793,003 but have come in at some $1.01 million.

Road/Bridge real property tax revenues came in slightly below forecasts at some $4.54 million compared to a projected $4.61 million; and Road/Bridge tax

motor vehicle beat a projected $379,100 to come in at $490,841.

Expenses came in below projections in all the following categories at the mid-year point:

uGeneral fund projections: general government, $719,377 to a budgeted $734,883; probate judge, $424,655 to a projected $537,613; property tax commissioner, $484,212 to $503,337; branch license, $465,365 to $500,163; property maintenance, $945,839 to some $1.9 million; management information services, $814,073 to $880,114; and facilities and general services, $693,060 to $805,586.

uPublic safety projections: sheriff, some $5.13 million to a budgeted $5.7 million; jail, some $2.3 million to $2.5 million; and juvenile detention, $639,161 to $665,106; development services, some $1.13 million to a budgeted $1.41 million; and highway, some $3.57 million to a projected $6.08 million