Dollars and sense: Status quo, tie is a loss for any business

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Now that&8217;s a catchy title … Wish I had thought of it.

Actually Harvey Mackay did and it is a thought that every business person should keep in mind. Regardless of the type of business, the daily hope centers on a new client gracing the doorstep as they darken the lights of a competitor.

How often do you switch suppliers, go to a different hairstylist, try a new dentist or shop at a different grocery? Change is not something that human beings continually seek, and when they do, the experience must be noticeably more pleasing or reversion will occur. If it&8217;s a tie, old habits will prevail …

the status quo wins.

Differentiating Your Business

-First, do whatever it is you do well. A business cannot exceed expectations by simply providing what the customer is paying for. There is no room for a &8220;good enough&8221; effort in a competitive environment.

-Show that you care, not only about excellence in what is delivered but also about the individual involved. All real service is personal service. If it is not personal it is not service. Every business should attempt to find ways to make the delivery of their service personal. The investment of a little time and effort is inexpensive, but the value is high.

-Make doing business a memorable experience. Start by considering how you say thank you. Is the &8220;thank you&8221; conveyed in a manner that is unique to the customer or is it the prescribed method that everyone has heard and seen before?

Far too many business people believe their business is too mundane to provide such personalized unique experiences. Harvey Mackay is in the envelope business. Envelopes can be pretty plain vanilla, if you will excuse the pun.

Mackay has become a nationally recognized expert in sales and customer service by making the use of his envelopes more memorable than any others. Somehow, I don&8217;t think it has anything to do with the envelopes.

Remember, the tie goes to the status quo and status quo is the enemy of every business in existence today.

Think about it.

Jody Bicking is a Principle of The Moser Group. He can be contacted at (205) 980-6131 Ext 308 or via e-mail at