From the pulpit: Debate does not change Jesus

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 9, 2006

The debate may be as old as the one about the tomato.

Is it a fruit or a vegetable? But it was only in the last few days I learned that there is some uncertainty regarding the classification of the peanut.

Since I consider the peanut a major food source, the announcement caught my attention. It seems the peanut may not be a nut at all. It may be a legume. Wow. Beans in my popcorn and beans in my Pepsi? That just doesn&8217;t sound as good as peanuts.

Bean brittle?

I decided to check this out for myself and I have good news for all peanut lovers.

The peanut is not confused by all the debate. It still grows the same, looks the same and tastes the same.

Have you noticed all the debate lately about Jesus? Who was he?

What did he really do? We just aren&8217;t sure what to do with him.

But all the debate does not change one bit anything Jesus was nor anything that he did.

You can know what he did. The reality is there if you are willing to look for it.

Open your Bible and take a look at Jesus for yourself. You can know the truth. The truth can set you free.

Dewayne Spivey serves as minister at the Riverchase Church of Christ