Calera library building to meet population growth

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Calera Public Library is bursting at the seams. It has been for some time now.

The library has been open since 1991. It was remodeled in 2000.

Library director Janet Greathouse said city officials knew then that a new library was necessary.

As the city population has continued to grow, she said, library employees have made adjustments in an attempt to use the space they have as wisely as possible.

One of the adjustments, in fact, is to move bookshelves into storage closets.

But all that will change this summer.

Work on the city&8217;s new library will be complete by August, Greathouse said, and we&8217;ll be in there by September.

And she and her staff are thrilled.

&8220;It&8217;s all coming together nicely,&8221; she said.

The new library will be four times larger than the existing facility.

Greathouse said the library&8217;s current 18,000 volumes will fit nicely in a space that will allow for room to fit 40,000 volumes.

The new library will feature 10 adult computers with Internet capacity, eight juvenile computers with Internet capacity and four other computers.

Currently, the library only has five computers.

In addition, she said, the library will feature an adult section with floor-to-ceiling windows and wireless Internet availability.

&8220;The location is great, right in the park where so many parents drop their children off for sports.

&8220;We envision them dropping the children off and visiting the library,&8221; she said.

The library will also have a children&8217;s circulation desk and a children&8217;s librarian.

Greathouse credits city leaders with recognizing the need for the new facility.

&8220;Our mayor and our city council recognize that a lot of families with small children are moving into Calera,&8221; she said.

&8220;We need to have good services for residents. They expect that. They&8217;ve come from areas with good library systems, and people expect that when they move here.&8221;