Like God, moms are great too

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 16, 2006

On Sunday, May 14, we gathered for worship and to honor moms on their special day.

Think of the many times your mother has encouraged you. Think of the many times she has helped you. Think of the gajillion-and-one times she has told you how much she loves you.

Like you, I have been the recipient of my mom&8217;s love in countless ways.

As I grew up with my three brothers, I experienced Mom&8217;s love in the meals she prepared for us, in the help she gave us with homework and in the special good night kisses she gave us. Of course, four boys exasperated her, and disappointed her.

But she, like God, never gave up on us.

You can probably quickly recall times when your own mother came to your rescue. Was it a time when you and your dad argued, and your mom intervened and calmed the &8220;storm&8221;?

Or was it a time when you got in trouble at school?

Was it a time when your friends said or did something that hurt you badly?

In many ways, our moms reflect the love of God to us. They aren&8217;t God, of course.

They aren&8217;t even perfect.

But they do so many things for us and seek constantly for our good that they are showing us what God is like.

Sometimes as children we prayed at mealtime, &8220;God is great.

God is good.&8221;

Maybe it&8217;s not a bad thing to say, &8220;Like God, moms are pretty great.

Like God, moms are also very good.&8221;

Ron Grizzle serves as pastor of Riverchase Baptist Church