Student of the Week: Justus Allen Martin

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Justus Allen Martin, a 9-year-old third grade student at Wilsonville Elementary School, is Shelby County Reporter Student of the Week.

Rosemary Liveoak, principal at WES, selected him for the honor.

Liveoak said she chose Justus, &8220;Because I consider him the leader of his peers. He&8217;s an excellent example of good citizenship, and he excels in every task he undertakes.&8221;

Justus is the son of Carrie and Bruce Martin. He is the grandson of Leroy and Pecola Mann and Robert Martin.

Justus said math was his favorite subject in school because of &8220;the numbers.&8221; He said, &8220;I like using numbers,&8221; and long division is his favorite math problem to solve.

He said his favorite teacher was Rhonda Cochran, who taught him in the first grade because &8220;She was nice&8221; and let students do fun activities and art projects.

She is now a reading coach at Wilsonville Elementary.

Justus said he received the highest accelerated reading points in the school last year (for his grade) and has been a Good Citizen three years in a row. He likes to play basketball, football, baseball and soccer, and he likes to read and play his PlayStation II basketball game.

Justus said his favorite superhero is Flash.

&8220;He&8217;s fast,&8221; Justus said. &8220;His suit is red,&8221; and his earmuffs &8220;are yellow with lightning strikes.&8221; Also, Flash helps people.

Justus wants to play professional football one day because, &8220;I can use my speed and muscles,&8221; he said.

He said he plans to go to college and

attend either Alabama or USC because of their football programs