From the pulpit: Confusion not a codes fault

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Maybe it&8217;s just me, but I don&8217;t understand all the hoopla over the book or the movie about the so called &8220;DaVinci Code.&8221;

It is as though, the Antichrist has appeared or that something unique and extraordinary is taking place here.

Neither is true, and while I have not read the book nor do I intend to see the movie, I have read exerts and listened to enough preachers, teachers and others to understand the concerns they are expressing.

The main concern seems to be that this book/movie is fact and fiction mixed together and presents a false picture of Jesus Christ that can confuse people, and that possibly this is done deliberately! So my question is, &8220;What is so new about that?&8221;

That has been Satan&8217;s method from the beginning! A little fact and a little fiction led to the confusion and sin of Adam and Eve.

A little fact and a little fiction led to the temptation and attempted confusion of Jesus Christ by Satan himself.

A little fact and a little fiction led to the false accusations about Jesus Christ being a drunkard, among other things.

And most importantly, a little fact and a little fiction led the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross and the confusion of followers.

I&8217;m not the least bit worried about the DaVinci Code and its combination of fact and fiction leading to confusion.

The confusion about Christianity in our world comes because of the lives and churches of those claiming to be Christians, not from books, movies or unbelievers.

The FACT that we say we are Christians and the FICTION that, &8220;the way most Christians live represents Christianity&8221; is what confuses the people.

The fact that we say we&8217;re Christian, but don&8217;t love all people of all races is what confuses people.

The fact that we say we&8217;re Christians, yet we don&8217;t love the homosexual, the lesbian, the adulterer or the dope addict and drunkard, is what confuses people.

The fact that we say we are Christian churches yet only welcome others &8220;like us,&8221; is what confuses people.

You see, the problem we as Christians and Churches need to deal with is not books and movies; it is our on lives and testimonies.

When we begin to live, love, walk and talk like Jesus, the confusion among unbelievers will stop and things like the DaVinci Code will be relegated to &8220;B&8221; movies and unpublished literary works.

The way to stop the confusion is not to yell and scream and protest movies or books.

It is to realize that the book most unbelievers are reading IS US.

And quiet frankly, it is not hard to understand why they are so confused.

Allen Dennis serves as pastor at the Fellowship of Faith Community Church