The following are incident and offense reports from municipal police departments

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 23, 2006


May 10

-Domestic Dispute from 7800 Highway 17 in Maylene.

-Damage to Property from 901 5th Ave. N.W. Damaged was the passenger&8217;s side of a 1990 Mazda Prot/g/.

-Criminal Mischief from 136 Glen Abbey Way. Damaged were two double-pane windows valued at $140.

-Theft of Property from 121 Greenfield Circle. Stolen was a trailer license plate.

May 11

-Unlawful Breaking and Entering Vehicle/Theft of Property from FoodSmart at 3592 Highway 31. Stolen was a Kenwood Car Stereo valued at $350. Damaged was the driver&8217;s side window on a 1995 Chevrolet Nova valued at $250.

-Harassment using voice from 1421 Tropical Lane.

-Theft of Property from Frontier Bank.

-Domestic Violence/Harassment from Alabaster Courthouse.

-Criminal Trespass/Domestic Dispute using voice from 151 Industrial Road.

May 12

-Natural Death from 1317 West Navajo Road.

-Unlawful possession of a Controlled Substance from Highway 31 at Interstate 65. Recovered was 0.5 mg of Hydrocodone in cigarette plastic.

-Attempted Suicide from 128F Hickory Hills Drive. Recovered were six Kalonopin and six Adavant pills.

-Property Damage from I-65. Damaged was a 2006 Chevrolet.

-Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance from 520 Highway 119. Recovered were 100 Hydrocodone.

-Domestic Violence/Harassment from parking lot of CVS.

May 13

-Theft of Property from 228 Jasmine Drive. Stolen was a Cook Essentials three speed blender.

-Damage to Property from Highway 31 at Main Street. Damaged was shrubbery valued at $150 and a concrete curb valued at $250.

-Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance from Highway 31 and County Road 26. Recovered was 3 grams of Hydrocodone pills.

-Theft of Gasoline from Murphy Oil at Colonial Promenade. Stolen was some 14.348 gallons of Super Unleaded gasoline valued at $41.84.

-Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia from Highway 31 at Old Highway 31. Recovered was a glass pipe.

-Criminal Mischief/Domestic Violence/Harassment from 1756 Woodbrook Trail Apartments. Damaged was the passenger&8217;s side door on a 1999 Honda Accord valued at $250.

-Criminal Mischief from Sav-A-Lot at 266 1st St. S.W. Stolen were three cartons of Sonoma menthol cigarettes valued at $60.98, 10 packs of Sonoma menthol cigarettes valued at $10.25 and a cigarette case with lock valued at $20.

-Criminal Mischief/Reckless Endangerment from Simmsville Road. Damaged was the windshield, left door panel and right door panel of a 1991 Toyota Camry valued at $950.

-Criminal Mischief from 1751D Woodbrook Trail. Damaged was a window valued at $150.

-Assault from Waffle House Parking Lot.

May 14

-Open House Party from 603 Wellington Manor Apartments.

-Damage to Property from Highway 31 in front of Buddy&8217;s BBQ. Damaged was a utility pole valued at $500.

-Property Damage from Interstate Shell.

-Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance/Unlawful Possession of Marijuana from 3rd Street S.E. and 5th Avenue S.E. Recovered were 3 grams of Ecstasy, 6 grams of crack cocaine, 2 grams of marijuana and a blount containing green leafy substance.

-Theft of Property from 102 Wildflower Trail. Stolen was a 24-inch Next mountain bike.

-Harassment from Highway 119 at 1st Street N.

-Theft of Gasoline from Highway 119 B.P. Stolen was Gasoline valued at $40.50 by the driver of a green Honda Accord.

May 15

-Criminal Trespassing from 1803C Woodbrook Trail.

-Lost Property from Wal-Mart. Missing was an Alabama driver&8217;s license, two credit cards and various personal documents.

-Natural Death from 251 Warrick Lane.

-Unlawful Possession of marijuana/Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia from County Road 17 in Maylene. Recovered were two clear plastic bags containing marijuana, two pipes with burned marijuana residue and a pack of rolling papers.


May 12

-Theft of Property from Shawanda Lane. Stolen was a 1,000-gallon tank/trailer valued at $4,000 and diesel fuel valued at $2,000.

May 13

-Theft of Property from 261 Jacoma Circle. Stolen was a V Bottom 12-foot

aluminum boat.

-Burglary/Theft of Property from Metro Mini Storage at 80 Metro Drive. Stolen was a Hewlett-Packard computer, an IBM computer, a master lock and various personal documents.

May 14

-Burglary/Theft of Property from 17706 Highway 25. Stolen was a Jett come-a-long valued at $250, two come-a-longs valued at $30 and a Craftsman wrench and socket set.

May 15

-Use of a False Identity to Obstruct Justice from Highway 306.

May 16

-Use of a False Identity to Obstruct Justice from 1314 Highway 87.


May 8

-Theft of Property-Shoplifting/Illegal Possession of Prescription Drugs from the 200 block of W. College Street.

Stolen and recovered was a bottle of Clear eyes, a pack of Alka-Seltzer and six Erythrocin Sterate

500 mg tablets.

May 9

-Possession of a Forged Instrument/ Theft of Property 100 block of W. College Street. Recovered was a cashier&8217;s check drawn on NorStates Bank in the amount of $2,865.71.

-Theft of property from the 100 block of Butler Street. Stolen was a disability check and a Social Security check.

-Negotiating with a Non-Negotiable Instrument from the 200 block of Highway 25.

May 12

-Illegal Possession of Prescription Drugs from Highway 47 and Beaver Creek. Recovered were two Clonopine pills.

May 13

-Unlawful Possession of Marijuana/Illegal Possession of Prescription Drugs from Holcombe Road. Recovered was a Marijuana cigarette and four Endocet pills.

May 15

-Theft using the Internet.


-No incidents to report.


May 11

-Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol from Highway 52 and Dearing Downs Drive.

-Harassing Communications from 1 Vulcan Drive.

-Domestic Violence/Harassment from 4705 Hollow Lane.

May 12

-Harassment from Penhale Park.

May 13

-Conducting Business Without a License from Roy Drive.

-Theft of Property from 2570 Scurlock Road. Stolen were 11 Oxycodone.

May 14

-Domestic Violence using hands from Winn-Dixie parking lot.

-Information Only from 4079 Helena Road.

May 15

-Overdose from 1936 Seattle Slew Drive.

-Harassment from Lee Apartments.

-Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol/Resisting Arrest from Ruffin Road.


May 10

-Domestic Incident using voice from Gardner Street.

May 11

-Criminal Mischief from Hidden Forest subdivision. Damaged was a backhoe valued at $1,000 and a water drainage system.

-Attempted Suicide from Main Street at Island Street.

May 12

-Domestic Violence/Reckless Endangerment using a vehicle from Graham Street.

May 13

-Harassment using hands and voice from Main Street.

-Unauthorized Use of Vehicle from Samford Street. Incident involved a 1991 beige Toyota Camry.

May 14

-Vehicle Fire from Highway 25.

May 15

-Harassing Communications using voice from Salem Road.

-Criminal Mischief/Theft of Services from Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Stole was City of Montevallo Water Service valued at $100.

-Criminal Mischief from Highway 119 at Highway 22. Damaged was the passenger&8217;s side rear quarter panel of a 2004 Chevrolet Impala.


May 11

-Miscellaneous Information from Oak Mountain State Park.

-Civil Dispute from 2019 Chandalar Court.

-Theft of Property from Oak Mountain State Park. Stolen was a leather wallet with an Alabama drivers license, two credit cards and various personal identification cards.

May 12

-Robbery from Mi Tiendita at 3569 Pelham Parkway.

-Miscellaneous Information from Rite-Aid.

-Theft of property from Savage Tan at 1932 Pelham Parkway. Stolen was a .5-carat diamond wedding ring valued at $2,500.

-Harassing Communications from Krystal restaurant.

-Criminal Possession of a forged instrument from Walgreens at 9458 Helena Road.

-Domestic Violence from parking lot of Wal-Mart.

-Theft of Property from 3164 Church St. Stolen were three rolls of #6 copper wire valued at $3,000.

-Outside Agency Assist.

-Burglary from Subway in Pelham Plaza. Stolen was $124 cash. Damaged was a window valued at $500.

May 13

-Harassing Communications from Santa Fe Cattle Company at 3296 Pelham Parkway.

-Domestic Violence using hands from Golden Corral at 101 Cahaba Valley Parkway.

-Criminal Mischief from 2280 Highway 35. Damaged were the driver&8217;s side and passenger&8217;s side front windows on a 1993 Ford Econoline Van valued at $1,000.

-Outside Agency Assist from 112 Oliver St.

-Property Damage from Interstate 65 south of exit 242. Damaged was the hood and grill of a 1999 Ford F250 valued at $900.

-Possible Drug Overdose at 800 Valleyview Road.

-Unlawful Possession of Marijuana from Green Park South. Recovered was a plastic bag containing 5 grams of suspected marijuana.

-Domestic Violence using rear view mirror and a boot from I-65 at exit 242.

May 14

-Domestic Violence at Mobile Home Park.

-Attempted Suicide using a razor blade from 109 Somersby Circle.

-Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol from Cahaba Valley Road.

-Unlawful Possession of Marijuana/Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Recovered was 7 ounces of Marijuana.

-Theft of Property from Shoney&8217;s at Cahaba Valley Road. Stolen was a red 2000 Ford F150 valued at $3,500.

May 15

-Fraudulent Use of Credit Card from Santa Fe Cattle Company.

-Unlawful Possession of Marijuana from IHOP at Pelham Parkway. Recovered was .2 g of suspected marijuana.

-Unauthorized Use of Vehicle. Incident involved a White 2006 Mitsubishi Gallant.

-Theft of Property from High Hampton Community Lake. Stolen was a 2005 Pelican Intl. pontoon boat valued at $400.

-Disorderly Conduct/Criminal Trespass from Wachovia Bank at 2261 Highway 31.

-Civil Dispute from One Stop Cash at 3457 Pelham Parkway.

-Theft of Property from Scholastic Book Fairs at 177 Business Center Drive. Stolen was a 2-foot by 2-foot Sentry Safe containing credit card receipts, business documents and $1,922 cash.

May 16

-Unlawful Breaking and Entering a Vehicle from 1679 McCain Parkway. Stolen was a chain with two hooks valued at $300, a plastic gas can valued at $5, a green blower valued at $100.

-Miscellaneous Information from 2053 Little Mountain Cove.

-Theft of Property from 112 Summer Circle. Stolen were two Alabama license plates.

May 17

-Miscellaneous Information from Rite-Aid at 2101 Pelham Parkway.

Property Damage from Valley Elementary School. Damaged was a privacy fence valued at $100.

-Miscellaneous Information from 2115 Aaron Road