Harpersville sidewalks to make town safer

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mayor Theoangelo Perkins expects sidewalks to make the town of Harpersville more pedestrian-friendly and to help connect businesses, town hall, the park and the library.

Perkins said the town recently received a $186,000 federal enhancement grant through the Alabama Department of Transportation for the $233,0000 total project.

He said the town would provide a $47,000 match for its part.

Perkins said new sidewalks would begin at City Park on Sun Valley Road and connect to U.S. Highway 280.

He also said the sidewalks would connect town hall and the library on Highway 25 to U.S. Highway 280 and would also connect businesses on Wheat Street.

In addition, the sidewalks would connect businesses along the east side of U.S. Highway 280 to Sun Valley Road.

Perkins said there are already people walking to the park and other locations along the highway.

He said the sidewalks would make the park more accessible and walking safer.

&8220;It&8217;s going to make our town a little more pedestrian-friendly and (make it) a more walkable town and kind of connect what people are already using,&8221; Perkins said