Reader of the Week: Sarah Gray Moates

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Sarah Gray Moates, age 7, who will enter the second grade at Briarwood Christian School this fall is Shelby County Reporter Reader of the Week.

The daughter of Susan and Scott Moates of Greystone, she was spotted recently at the North Shelby Library with her mother.

She has two brothers Max, 5, and Samuel, 3. She is the granddaughter of Bill and Rebecca Gray of Greystone and Mackey and Lee Moates.

When asked if she likes reading, Sarah replied, &8220;Yes. I love it.&8221;

She said she likes reading Nancy Drew books, &8220;Because they are mysteries. I like mysteries.&8221;

She also explained that she has a large collection of Nancy Drew books that belonged to her mother when she was a girl.

Her goal this summer is to read 21 books, three in seven categories including mystery, history, biography, adventure, science and other animals, Christian literature and you pick.

If she does that she will a gold medal from Briarwood Christian School.

Last year Sarah received a bronze medal for reading one book from each of the categories at home.

Reading two books from each category earns a silver star.

Sarah said she wants to become a doctor some day. She explained she like operating with doctor kits on her brother and cousins