Outdoors knowledge gameshow style

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Game shows have always been popular since their beginnings.

Reality shows have taken the old &8220;game show&8221; to its extreme – literally.

Most everybody likes trivia games and likes to outwit a friend or relative.

When it comes to hunting and fishing there are many trivia questions.

Here is a test that you and your buddies can match wits and see who knows the most about the outdoors.

Answers are at the bottom.

A hunter can tell a buck&8217;s track over a doe&8217;s track by:

– The buck&8217;s track will be deeper in the soil due to weight

– A buck&8217;s track shows dew claw marks

– A buck&8217;s track will be wider than a doe&8217;s

– None of the above

What year was Lay Lake impounded?

What is the largest lake (in acres) in Alabama?

Why were alligators stocked at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge?

At what weight does a whitetail fawn enter puberty?

– 30 pounds

– 45 pounds

– 65 pounds

– 75 pounds

(True or False) To make a Hybrid Striped Bass, biologists use female Striped Bass eggs and fertilize them with milt from the male White Bass.

(True of False) In 1960, an enormous Flathead Catfish was seen by two divers at the base of Logan Martin Dam.

The men claimed it was &8220;as large as fishing boat&8221;.

Name the black bass species that live in Alabama&8217;s waters (Hint: This does not include subspecies like Florida Largemouth or Kentucky Spots)?

How many times has the state of Alabama hosted the BassMaster&8217;s Classic?

What is the fastest swimming freshwater fish?

– Muskie

– Rainbow Trout

– Northern Pike

– Smallmouth Bass

Milo Hanson harvested the largest Typical Whitetail Buck in what year?

The first BassMaster&8217;s Classic was held at Beaver Lake in Arkansas.

Who from Alabama fished in the event?

– Archie Phillips

– Jack Chancellor

– Nolen Shivers

– Virgil Ward

What is the fastest flying duck?

– Blue-wing Teal

– Green-wing Teal

– Canvasback

– Ringneck

This man was known as &8220;The Babe Ruth of Archery&8221; and split arrows in a stunt-double role with Errol Flynn in &8220;Robin Hood.&8221;

Name this former Shelby County resident?

Which lake in Alabama has two dams that are hydroelectric facilities?


(True or False) The way to identify a Spotted Bass is to feel for teeth on their tongue?

Answers: 1. (D), 2. (1914), 3. (Guntersville), 4. (Beaver control), 5. (D), 6. (True), 7. (False, Logan Martin was not even built). 8. (largemouth, spotted, smallmouth, redeye, and shoal), 9. (9), 10. (N. Pike), 11. (1993), 12. (C), 13. (C), 14. (the late Howard Hill), 15. (Lake Jordan), Bonus (False, fin ray counts and lateral line scale counts are the most accurate).

If you got 13 or more right, you are an outstanding outdoorsman.

If you got 10 to 12 right, you are pretty good with outdoor knowledge.

If you got nine to six right, you might need to hit the Internet for answers.

If you got less than five right, you might need to hit the golf ball