Dollars and Sense: When the big promotion passes you by

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 20, 2006

When Jeff joined his company, he set as his goal to be branch manager within five years.

It is now four years later and he isn&8217;t even close to reaching his goal.

He is unhappy, let-down and de-motivated.

His thoughts vary from dreaming of a sudden change in his fortunes to bemoaning his ill luck.

Why hasn&8217;t Jeff met his goal?

Perhaps it is due to circumstances beyond his control.

When he was hired four years ago the company was expanding.

It had opened an average of six new branches each year over the preceding six years.

If you are being by-passed while others are being promoted, think carefully what you can do to earn the right to be considered for the next opportunity.

Ask yourself:

-How can I make my current work more valuable to the company?

-What can I do for this company that I am not now doing?

-In what way can I improve how things are done in my department?

-What new and different aspects of the work could I learn so I can be more valuable to this organization?

-What steps might I take to let my bosses know I am willing to accept more responsibility?

-What can I learn about what other departments are doing that might fit into my goals?

-If I have gone as far as I can in my current job, are there other jobs within the organization I can do?

-Are there assignments other people are reluctant to do that I might volunteer to perform?

-How can I improve my accomplishments as a manager by getting my people to be better performers?

-Am I willing to make the commitment and undergo the sacrifices and risks necessary to earn the right to move up the management ladder?

Don&8217;t blame your frustrations on the system…unless it truly is the system.

If an honest evaluation of why you are not reaching your goals shows that you can do something to overcome what is holding you back, identify what it is you are not now doing and correct it.

By taking overt steps to become an outstanding employee, not just a good worker, you will put yourself on the road to success in your career.