Letters to the Editor for June 21, 2006

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dear editor,

Conservation difficult next to wastefulness

Dear editor,

A few days ago we had a much needed rain in Shelby County.

It was not just a little sprinkle. It was enough to feel good about the fact that the grass and plants were getting a good soaking.

Yet, the next morning as I am going to work, my neighbor&8217;s sprinkler system was on.

The streets were still wet from the rain.

Then I passed one of those signs on highway 280 that reads, &8220;Shelby County, Please Conserve Water.&8221; Well, I just had to laugh. When I got closer to work I saw two businesses with sprinklers on.

I can understand that it may be a little harder to change the sprinkler system at a place of business.

I imagine most of them hire this out and don&8217;t have a clue how to change the timer.

Just imagine how much water would be saved if every business cut back by one day a week. And I sure don&8217;t understand why individuals don&8217;t give more thought to the community as a whole.

There is no reason why they can&8217;t control their sprinkler systems, except that they are just too lazy.

I take pride in my yard and in my vehicle. But when we need to conserve water I cut back on washing my car and watering outside. It sure is an inconvenience, but if everyone would cooperate maybe the impact would have results. It really burns me up to conserve and then see such wastefulness.

Tena Walters


Columbiana is clean, keep it that way

Dear editor,

On Saturday, June 10th, Columbiana residents joined together in a citywide clean-up to rid the city&8217;s roadsides of unsightly litter.

More than 50 participants picked up trash along Columbiana&8217;s major roads, sprucing up the city in preparation for our June 24th Liberty Day celebration.

Thank you to all of the individuals who participated, as well as the following who helped to make the clean-up effort such a success:

Boy Scout Troop 560, Cub Scout Pack 560, Girl Scout Troops 503 and 761, Curves of Columbiana, Columbiana Neighborhood Watch, City of Columbiana Police Department, Culture Club, Vignette Club, Piggly Wiggly, and Mr. Roger Hughes of the City of Columbiana.

We are also grateful to Mayor Alan Lowe and the members of the Columbiana City Council for their help in making this event run smoothly.

Now that the work is done, we appeal to everyone using Columbiana&8217;s roads to help us keep our city clean by making sure all trash is disposed of properly so that it does not end up detracting from an otherwise beautiful place to live, work, play and raise a family.

Brandi Kellis

President, Columbiana Beautification Board

Youth football league is getting passed by

Dear editor,

My son plays youth football for the Columbiana league.

If you have ever driven by the youth football field you would see why the parents and the boys are in such an uproar. Our field does not have bleachers, it is not keep up and now we are being informed that the city has pulled it&8217;s funding from the league.

In the past months we see articles in the paper about the new skateboard park that the city has matched funding on, well what about our boys that have played football year after year and just made due with what we had.

You visit these other parks from around the county and it is just down right embarrassing.

I hope this letter gets some well deserved attention and maybe something good will come out of it for our boys.

Christy Higgins