Calera cracks down on unlicensed business

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The City of Calera is cracking down on individuals operating without a business license within city limits.

Calera Police Chief Tommy Palmer said the initiative is part of the city&8217;s effort to conduct its own revenue collection.

&8220;Part of that collection requires making sure businesses have the proper licenses and permits,&8221; he said.

Palmer said his officers have permission to stop and ask anyone operating a business for their license. Officers will than submit a report to the Calera revenue department if the business owner is unable to produce a license.

Officers have submitted over 30 reports for unlicensed businesses since the effort began a few weeks ago.

Connie Payton, with the city&8217;s revenue department, said that she will contact a business that does not have a license to let them know they need to get one immediately.

&8220;Most people will come in and get one right away,&8221; she said