Church Focus: The Church at Cahaba Bend

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Church at Cahaba Bend in Helena consisted of just a few families who met in Pastor’s Lyle Holland&8217;s home when it was founded six years ago.

Today, the congregation numbers almost 200 worshippers who are preparing to build a $2 million sanctuary.

On Sunday, June 4, 2006, Cahaba Bend broke ground on their first church facility across the street from Helena Intermediate School, where the congregation currently meets.

When finished, the 13,000 square foot facility will house the sanctuary, classrooms, offices, a kitchen and a hospitality area

Indeed, the United Methodist Church has grown considerably in its short history, outgrowing both Holland&8217;s home and the intermediate school that it rented for services.

Holland attributes that growth to the church&8217;s come-as-you-are attitude, where people are dressed casually and &8220;you can enjoy those around you plus coffee and a doughnut.&8221;

Worship at Cahaba Bend includes a band and multi-media presentations.

&8220;We have a complete band,&8221; said Holland. &8220;We incorporate film and pictures into our services too.&8221;

The church also has a children and youth ministry.

Holland says despite moving into a quite impressive building, the congregation will stay the same, close-knit bunch that they always were.

&8220;We are not going to change our worship or change the way we dress just because we are moving into a new sanctuary,&8221; said Holland. &8220;The church was designed with the idea to continue our kind of worship.&8221;

The church hopes to be conducting services in their building by Easter of 2007.

Worship Schedule

Sunday Service – 10 a.m.

Contact Information

P.O. Box 477

Helena, AL


Phone: 621-806