MMS students set positive image

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Fifty-five students from the sixth through eighth grades at Montevallo Middle School recently received an award of recognition from Positive Image Outreach Ministries on May 18. These students were recognized, honored and awarded a trophy for their year-long hard work to elevate grade point level, improved attitudes and for their positive achievement

as a positive-image role model to many other students.

Also, Candyce Osburn of Thompson High School received a scholarship from PIOM.

Listed below are

students who were recognized, honored and


from Montevallo Middle School:

Eighth Graders

Tyler Cunningham, Hollis Smith, Kayla Beal, Rebecca Gewalt, Justin Butler, Cynthia Hicks, Christina Killinsworth, Ashlyn Layton, Brook Lunsford, Tyler Wilson, Aplmela Davis, Blanca Vidal, Ahsley Latham and Cody Blake.

Seventh Graders

Davian Blackwell, Rocio Cardenas-Martinez, Amber Cardwell, Brittany Devinner, Shae Ferrell, Terry Howell, Marshae King, Ashley Lee, Randy Nalley, Blake Patterson, Stone Pritchett, Kelli Ray, John Traficante, Hector Vazquez-Juaree and Chelsey Wilson.

Sixth Graders

Reachell Miller, Celte&8217; Weaver, Jacob Sparks, Shadijah Dean, April Johnson, Maria Leon, Zack C. Smith, David Strickland, Alisha Glover, Darian Monticure, Tadarian Monticure, Genora Sheppard, Brittany Smith, Lam Wang, Katlin Daniel, Jammy Munoz, Mauricio Garcia, Johnathan Smith, Alex Peete, Kevin Millar, Branne Blake, Addie Edwards, Glo Watts, Katie Hughs, Cole Fredrick and Wesley Hicks