Supporting my husbands daydreams

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Oh, my husband, the dreamer.

I learned very quickly in our relationship not to get too excited when Kurtis talks about buying castles to renovate or auditioning for a new TV series.

Especially when his schemes involve me as female rap artist, costume designer, fellow actress or PR representative.

For months after we started dating, every new idea Kurtis would mention I would cling to or immediately rain on the parade. Inevitably, I often wound up confused or Kurtis&8217;s dreams dashed.

Being a journalist who handles press releases every day, I&8217;m his go-to for any PR work or advice.

In fact, the night before my interview with Shelby County Reporter, I stayed up till 12 a.m. creating a logo for his latest brain-child, a theatre company called On-the-Go Productions.

Instead of painting my nails, scouring the paper or practicing my interview skills, I gladly offered my amateur expertise on design and written proposals.

After three weeks, Kurtis finally admitted he and his partner had abandoned the project.

I must admit, however, the jump of excitement I still get in my stomach every time Kurtis mentions a plausible plan that might win us fame or fortune. I don&8217;t rush to extinguish hope, nor do I fan the flame of expectation &045;

I support, wait and enjoy the daydreams